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#TitleArtistWriterRelease StatusLength
1'39 (live)Collaborations (Rick Wakeman)Brian MayOther3:31
2'You Had To Be There'Roger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album2:56
3(Another) 1984Collaborations (Billy Squier)OtherOther4:53
4(Marie's The Name) His Latest FlameBrian MayOtherUnreleased2:58
5(You're So Square) Baby I Don't CareQueenOtherLive Only Track1:29
61986 Fan Club MessageQueenQueenOther4:49
71987 Fan Club MessageQueenQueenOther6:23
81990 Fan Club MessageQueenQueenOther2:29
91991 Fan Club MessageQueenQueenOther4:26
101995 Fan Club MessageQueenQueenOther2:30
112009 Fan Club MessageQueenQueenOther2:22
122010 Fan Club MessageQueenQueenOther1:29
1339QueenBrian MayStudio Album3:31
1446664 - The CallQueenQueenUnreleased4:36
15A Dozen Red Roses For My DarlingQueenRoger TaylorNon-Album Track4:43
16A Human BodyQueenRoger TaylorNon-Album Track3:42
17A Kind Of 'A Kind Of Magic'QueenRoger TaylorCD Bonus Track3:36
18A Kind Of MagicQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album, Compilation4:24
19A Kind Of VisionQueenRoger TaylorCD Bonus Track3:22
20A Kiss Is A Terrible Thing To WasteCollaborations (Meat Loaf)OtherUnreleasedUnknown
21A Nation Of HaircutsRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album3:32
22A New Life Is BornQueenFreddie MercuryUnreleased1:22
23A Sample Of MagicQueenQueenOther9:15
24A Time For HeroesCollaborations (Meat Loaf)OtherOther5:08
25A Whole Lot Of LoveCollaborations (Phenomena)OtherOther5:39
26A Winter's TaleQueenQueenStudio Album3:50
27AaronBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album0:47
28AbandonfireRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album4:13
29Absolutely AnythingRoger TaylorRoger TaylorOther1:31
30Action This DayQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album3:33
31AdaCollaborations (Peter Straker)OtherOther0:35
33Africa By NightFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryUnreleasedUnknown
34Ain't Put Nothin' DownThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album4:31
35AirheadsRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album3:37
36Alabama SongCollaborations (Peter Straker)OtherOther4:04
37All Dead, All DeadQueenBrian MayStudio Album3:08
38All God's PeopleQueenQueenStudio Album4:21
39All Right NowPaul Rodgers (Free)Paul RodgersOther4:14
40All The Way From MemphisBrian MayOtherStudio Album5:16
41All The Way From Memphis (live)Collaborations (Ian Hunter)OtherOther5:25
42All The Young DudesQueenOtherLive Only Track3:37
43All The Young Dudes (live)Collaborations (Ian Hunter)OtherOther4:29
44All You Need Is LoveCollaborations (Bandaged)OtherOther3:28
45All You Need Is LoveCollaborations (Paul McCartney & Various Artists)OtherOther3:29
46Alright AlrightQueenFreddie MercuryLive Only Track2:40
47Alternative GunBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album1:31
49Amazing GraceBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album2:47
50AngelineCollaborations (Elton John)OtherOther3:54
51Another One Bites The DustQueenJohn DeaconStudio Album, Compilation3:34
52Another One Bites The Dust (with Annie Crummer)QueenJohn DeaconNon-Album Track3:50
53Another WorldBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album4:04
54AnthemBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album3:15
55ApacheBrian MayOtherOther1:09
56ApparitionBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album1:36
57AppointmentCollaborations (The Left Handed Marriage)OtherOther2:33
58April LadyPre-Queen >> SmileOtherStudio Album2:42
59Arboria (Planet Of The Treemen)QueenJohn DeaconStudio Album1:42
60Are We Playing With Fire?Collaborations (Virginia Wolf)OtherOther3:58
61ArrestBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album1:28
63Baba O'Riley / Summertime Blues (live)Collaborations (Roger Daltrey)OtherOther6:23
64Baby's Going DownCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOther5:16
65Baby, It's AlrightThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album4:05
66Back ChatQueenJohn DeaconStudio Album4:34
67Back Street KidCollaborations (Magnum)OtherOther5:00
68Back To StormQueenUnknownUnreleased1:19
69Back To The LightBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album4:59
70Bad AttitudeThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album4:45
71Bad CompanyPaul Rodgers (Bad Company)Paul RodgersOther4:45
72Bad For GoodCollaborations (Meat Loaf)OtherOther7:30
73Bad NewsCollaborations (Bad News)OtherOther3:11
74Bad News (album)Collaborations (Bad News)OtherOther-
75Badger SwaggerCollaborations (Artful Badger)Brian MayOther4:21
76Barbie DollCollaborations (Perkins AKA Miss World)OtherOther3:47
77BarcelonaFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation5:37
78Batteries Not IncludedQueenOtherUnreleasedUnknown
79Battersea MorningCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOther3:21
80Battle SceneQueenBrian MayUnreleased3:34
81Battle ThemeQueenBrian MayStudio Album2:18
82Be My Gal (My Brightest Spark)Roger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album2:45
83Be With YouRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album3:09
85Beautiful DreamsRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album4:23
86Being On My OwnBrian MayBrian MayCD Bonus Track2:23
87Believe In YourselfRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album5:00
88Better ThingsThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album2:46
89Bicycle RaceQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation3:01
90Big SpenderQueenOtherLive Only Track1:31
91BijouQueenQueenStudio Album3:37
92Black Night (live)Collaborations (Bruce Dickinson)OtherOther6:51
93BlagPre-Queen >> SmileBrian May, Roger TaylorStudio Album3:11
94BlowCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOther4:55
95Blow FishCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOther4:06
96Blow The House DownCollaborations (Living In A Box)OtherOther4:17
97Blues BreakerBrian MayImprovisationsStudio Album12:50
98Blurred VisionQueenQueenNon-Album Track4:41
99Body LanguageQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album4:32
100Bohemian RhapsodyCollaborations (Bad News)Freddie MercuryOther3:34
101Bohemian RhapsodyQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation5:53
102Bohemian Rhapsody (with The Muppets)QueenFreddie MercuryNon-Album Track4:37
103Bopper's Boogie WoogieCollaborations (Gareth Marks)OtherOther4:18
104Born FreeBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album3:11
105BreakdownThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album3:52
106Breakthru'QueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation4:07
107Brian TalksBrian MayBrian MayNon-Album Track1:13
108Bridge Over Troubled WaterCollaborations (Artists For Grenfell)OtherOther3:52
109Brighton RockQueenBrian MayStudio Album5:09
110Brighton Rock SoloQueen, Brian MayBrian MayLive Only Track9:01
111Bring Back That Leroy BrownQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album2:15
112Broken HeartCollaborations (Heavy Pettin')OtherOther4:16
113Brother Of MineQueenOtherUnreleasedUnknown
114Bulletproof HeartCollaborations (Sideway Look)OtherOther3:48
115Buona SeraPre-Queen >> The ReactionOtherUnreleased3:07
116Bursting At The SeamsCollaborations (Camy Todorow)OtherOther3:43
117BushfireCollaborations (Steve Gregory)OtherOther4:32
118ButterflyQueenBrian MayNon-Album Track1:05
119C'mon BabyBrian MayOtherLive Only Track1:15
120C-lebrityQueen + Paul RodgersQueen + Paul RodgersStudio Album3:37
121Call MeQueen + Paul RodgersQueen + Paul RodgersStudio Album2:59
122Calling All GirlsQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album3:51
123Can't Get EnoughPaul Rodgers (Bad Company)OtherOther4:14
124Can't Help Falling In LoveBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album3:10
125Carnivorous GirlCollaborations (Naked Sushi)OtherOther3:28
127Cashing In On ChristmasCollaborations (Bad News)OtherOther4:05
128CassandraCollaborations (Steve Hackett)OtherOther4:07
129Catcher In The RyeCollaborations (Guns 'n' Roses)OtherUnreleased5:38
130CelebrationThe CrossThe CrossDownload, Boxed Set4:37
131China BelleBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album3:59
132Chinese TortureQueenQueenCD Bonus Track1:43
133CirclesCollaborations (Quartz)OtherOther3:35
134Closer To YouThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album3:14
135Come To Your SensesBrian MayBrian MayUnreleasedUnknown
136Coming SoonQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album2:50
137Communication BreakdownPre-Queen >> IbexOtherUnreleased2:09
138Como En SusurroCollaborations (Ramoncin)OtherOther5:01
139ContactThe CrossRoger TaylorStudio Album4:52
140Cool CatQueenFreddie Mercury, John DeaconStudio Album3:28
141Cosmos Rockin'Queen + Paul RodgersQueen + Paul RodgersStudio Album4:11
142Cowboys And IndiansThe CrossRoger TaylorStudio Album5:53
143Cozy Powell Drum SoloBrian MayOtherLive Only Track3:08
144CrashCollaborations (Gary Numan)OtherOther3:37
145Crash Dive On Mingo CityQueenBrian MayStudio Album1:01
146Crazy Little Thing Called LoveCollaborations (Diana Ross)Freddie MercuryOther3:14
147Crazy Little Thing Called LoveQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation2:43
148Crazy NightsCollaborations (Minako Honda)OtherOther4:26
149Creatures Of The NightFreddie MercuryOtherUnreleasedUnknown
150CrossroadsPre-Queen >> IbexOtherUnreleased3:51
151Crossroads (live)Collaborations (Paul Rodgers)OtherOther4:36
152CyborgBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album3:53
153DancerQueenBrian MayStudio Album3:48
154DanceramaCollaborations (Sigue Sigue Sputnik)OtherOther3:44
155DangerlandBrian May & Kerry EllisBrian MayStudio Album5:58
156DangerousCollaborations (Eugene Wallace)UnknownOther3:08
157Dazzled By YouCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOther2:40
158Dead On TimeQueenBrian MayStudio Album3:23
159Dear FriendsQueenBrian MayStudio Album1:06
160Dear Mr MurdochRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album4:19
161Dear Mr Murdoch (2011 re-recording)Roger TaylorRoger TaylorDownload, Boxed Set3:17
162Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To....)QueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:43
163Defying GravityBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album4:16
164DelilahQueenQueenStudio Album3:34
165Devil In Her EyesCollaborations (Heavy Pettin')OtherOther5:10
166Diamonds And PearlsCollaborations (Kansas)OtherOther4:50
167Diamonds Are ForeverBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album3:04
168Diggin' My PotatoesCollaborations (Lonnie Donnegan)OtherOther3:32
169DinerBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album1:18
170Dirty MindThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album3:31
171Do They Know It's Christmas?Collaborations (Band Aid 30)OtherOther3:46
172Dog With A BoneQueenUnknownUnreleased7:08
173Doing AlrightCollaborations (Tim Staffell)Brian May, Tim StaffellOther3:42
174Doing AlrightPre-Queen >> SmileBrian May, Tim StaffellStudio Album3:45
175Doing AlrightQueenBrian May, Tim StaffellStudio Album4:09
176Don't Fall Away From MeCollaborations (Steve Hackett)Brian May, OtherOther3:36
177Don't Fall In Love With Anybody Else)Collaborations (Anita Dobson)OtherOther4:22
178Don't Have To SpeakCollaborations (Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders)OtherOther3:44
179Don't Lose Your HeadQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album4:38
180Don't Run AwayCollaborations (Virginia Wolf)OtherOther4:36
181Don't Stop Me NowQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation3:30
182Don't Try So HardQueenQueenStudio Album3:39
183Don't Try SuicideQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:52
184Dragon AttackQueenBrian MayStudio Album4:19
185Draining VenusCollaborations (Perkins AKA Miss World)OtherOther4:22
186Dream Of TheeBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album4:15
187Dreamer's BallQueenBrian MayStudio Album3:29
188Drink Till I DieCollaborations (Bad News)OtherOther3:31
189Driven By YouBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation4:10
190Driven By You (Ford Ad Version)Brian MayBrian MayNon-Album Track1:30
191Driven By You TwoBrian MayBrian MayNon-Album Track1:30
192DrowseQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album3:43
193Drum ExtravaganzaCollaborations (SOS All Stars)Roger TaylorLive Only Track4:04
194Dust In The WindBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherLive Only Track3:41
195EarthCollaborations (Tim Staffell)Tim StaffellOther4:47
196EarthPre-Queen >> SmileTim StaffellStudio Album3:59
197Eight Good Reasons To Buy 'Greatest Hits II'QueenQueenOther6:01
198El Vampiro Bajo El SolCollaborations (Os Paralamas Do Sucesso)OtherOther4:13
199Electric Rumba (Tour Du Monde En 45 Tours)Collaborations (Jose Lucas)OtherOther4:10
200Emotions In MotionCollaborations (Billy Squier)OtherOther4:58
201Enhanced Multimedia SectionBrian MayBrian MayNon-Album Track4:20
202EnsuenoFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album4:20
203EscapeBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album1:50
204Escape From The SwampQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album1:43
205EternityCollaborations (Robbie Williams)OtherOther4:59
206Everybody Hurts SometimeRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album2:52
207Everybody Needs SomebodyFreddie MercuryOtherUnreleasedUnknown
208Everybody's Got To Learn SometimeCollaborations (Zucchero)OtherLive Only Track4:49
209Execution Of FlashQueenJohn DeaconStudio Album1:06
210Exercises In Free LoveFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryNon-Album Track, Compilation3:56
211FBIBrian MayOtherNon-Album Track3:10
212Face It AloneQueenFreddie MercuryUnreleased5:15
213Fat Bottomed GirlsQueenBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation4:15
214Father And SonBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album1:33
215Father To SonQueenBrian MayStudio Album6:14
216Feel LikeQueenUnknownUnreleased4:58
217Feel Like Makin LovePaul Rodgers (Bad Company)Paul RodgersOther5:12
218Feel The ForceThe CrossRoger TaylorNon-Album Track, Boxed Set3:45
219FeelingsQueenBrian MayUnreleased2:09
220Feelings, FeelingsQueenBrian MayNon-Album Track, CD Bonus Track1:53
221Fight ClubRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album3:02
222Fight From The InsideQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album3:01
223Final DestinationRoger TaylorRoger TaylorNon-Album Track, Boxed Set5:25
224Final DestinationThe CrossRoger TaylorStudio Album3:34
225FireBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album0:55
226Fire And WaterPaul Rodgers (Free)Paul RodgersOther3:58
227First Glance (Solo Flute)Brian MayBrian MayStudio Album1:35
228First KissBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album2:03
229Flame OnCollaborations (Tony Iommi)OtherOther4:26
230FlashQueenBrian MayNon-Album Track, Compilation2:46
231Flash To The RescueQueenBrian MayStudio Album2:44
232Flash's ThemeQueenBrian MayStudio Album3:30
233Flash's Theme Reprise (Victory Celebrations)QueenBrian MayStudio Album1:24
234Flick Of The WristQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:17
235Foolin' AroundFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation3:28
236Fools Rush InCollaborations (Debbie Byrne)OtherOther3:30
237Football FightQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album1:29
238For All We KnowCollaborations (Virginia Wolf)OtherOther3:48
239Foreign SandRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album6:52
240ForeverQueenBrian MayNon-Album Track, CD Bonus Track3:20
241Fork In The RoadCollaborations (Jonathan Kelly)OtherOtherUnknown
242Foxy LadyThe CrossOtherStudio Album3:25
243Freddie Vocal SingalongsQueenFreddie MercuryLive Only Track1:49
244Freedom TrainRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album6:11
245Friends In PainQueenUnknownUnreleasedUnknown
246Friends Will Be FriendsQueenFreddie Mercury, John DeaconStudio Album, Compilation4:07
247Friends Will Be Friends Will Be FriendsQueenFreddie Mercury, John DeaconCD Bonus Track5:57
248Fuck Off And Die You FagFreddie MercuryOtherUnreleased3:11
249Fun At The Funeral ParlourBrian MayBrian MayNon-Album Track0:35
250Fun In SpaceRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album6:20
251Fun ItQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album3:29
252Funny How Love IsQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album2:48
253Funny Old Life Ain't ItCollaborations (Anita Dobson)Brian MayOther4:32
254Furia Theme (Opening Titles)Brian MayBrian MayStudio Album4:40
255Future Management (You Don't Need Nobody Else)Roger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album3:01
256Game Of LovePre-Queen >> The ReactionOtherUnreleased2:10
257Garden Lodge ImprovisationsFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryUnreleasedUnknown
258GazelleFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set1:19
259Get Down Make LoveQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:50
260Get Out Of My Life Woman / SatisfactionPre-Queen >> 1984OtherUnreleased7:08
261Get Out Of My WayCollaborations (D-Rok)OtherOther6:04
262Ghost TownAdam LambertOtherOther3:28
263Gimme Some Lovin'QueenOtherLive Only Track0:55
264Gimme The Prize (Kurgan's Theme)QueenBrian MayStudio Album4:32
265Give Me TimeCollaborations (The Left Handed Marriage)OtherOtherUnknown
266Go Bopper GoCollaborations (Gareth Marks)OtherOther3:28
267Go OnBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album2:20
268God (The Dream Is Over)Brian MayBrian MayLive Only Track5:07
269God Is HeavyFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set1:21
270God Only KnowsCollaborations (Brian Wilson & Various Artists)OtherOther2:25
271God Save The QueenQueenBrian MayStudio Album1:12
272God Save The Queen (2002 Live Reworking)Brian MayBrian MayLive Only Track1:55
273Going BackPre-Queen >> Larry LurexOtherBoxed Set, Compilation3:31
274Going DownCollaborations (Don Nix)OtherOther5:53
275Going DownCollaborations (Leslie West)OtherOther4:14
276Going DownCollaborations (Troy Turner)OtherOther5:14
277Golden DaysBrian May & Kerry EllisBrian MayStudio Album4:21
278Golden DaysCollaborations (Minako Honda)OtherOther4:04
279Good CompanyQueenBrian MayStudio Album3:23
280Good Golly Miss Molly / Tutti Frutti (live)Collaborations (Jerry Lee Lewis)OtherOther2:29
281Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (live)Collaborations (Paul Rodgers)OtherOther4:00
282Good Old Fashioned LoverboyQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation2:54
283Good Times Are NowRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album3:27
284Goodbye Don't Mean ForeverCollaborations (Virginia Wolf)OtherOther4:41
285Goodbye LamentCollaborations (Tony Iommi)OtherOther4:48
286Grand DameQueenUnknownUnreleased2:20
287Great Balls Of Fire (live)Collaborations (Jerry Lee Lewis)OtherOther3:06
288Great King Rat QueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album5:43
289GreenPre-Queen >> WreckageFreddie MercuryBoxed Set3:13
290Guide Me HomeFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation2:40
291Guitar ExtravaganceBrian MayBrian MayLive Only Track6:06
292Guitar SolosQueen, Brian MayBrian MayLive Only Track9:01
293Gun (Solo Violin)Brian MayBrian MayStudio Album1:54
294Had To Believe MeFreddie MercuryOtherUnreleasedUnknown
295Hammer To FallQueenBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation4:26
296Hand Of FoolsThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album4:31
297Hang On In ThereQueenQueenNon-Album Track, CD Bonus Track3:45
298HangmanQueenFreddie MercuryUnreleasedUnknown
299HappinessRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album3:17
300Harvest MoonCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOtherUnknown
301Have A CigarCollaborations (Foo Fighters)OtherOther4:02
302Have A Nice DayFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set0:42
303HeadlongQueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation4:37
304Heart Be StillCollaborations (Peter Straker)OtherOther4:06
305HeartlandThe CrossThe CrossNon-Album Track, Boxed Set4:46
306HeartsongCollaborations (Gordon Giltrap)OtherOther4:19
307Heaven & HellQueenOtherLive Only Track0:29
308Heaven For EveryoneQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album, Compilation5:35
309Heaven For EveryoneThe CrossRoger TaylorStudio Album4:52
310Hell Is BeautifulCollaborations (Heavy Pettin')OtherOther4:08
311Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart)QueenOtherLive Only Track1:20
312Here's To YouCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOther4:03
313HeroesQueenOtherLive Only Track4:06
314Hey Hey Bad NewsCollaborations (Bad News)OtherOther5:16
315Hey JudeCollaborations (Paul McCartney & Various Artists)OtherOther6:28
316High Heel Sneakers (live)Collaborations (Jerry Lee Lewis)OtherOther3:00
317High School Confidential (live)Collaborations (Jerry Lee Lewis)OtherOther5:03
318Highlander Trailer Medley - Don't Lose Your Head / Princes Of The UniverseQueenRoger Taylor, Freddie MercuryNon-Album Track0:53
319Highway 45Collaborations (Perkins AKA Miss World)OtherOther3:01
320Hijack My HeartQueenQueenNon-Album Track4:11
321Hold OnFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set3:37
322Hold On I'm ComingPre-Queen >> 1984OtherUnreleased3:45
323Holding OnFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set4:11
324Holy ManCollaborations (Taylor Hawkins)OtherOtherUnknown
325Holy RiderCollaborations (Magnum)OtherOther5:17
326Hoochie Coochie Man (live)Collaborations (Paul Rodgers)OtherOther7:20
327Horns Of DoomFreddie MercuryOtherBoxed Set4:14
328Hot Patootie (Whatever Happened To A Saturday Night)Brian MayOtherNon-Album Track3:20
329Hot Time In The Old Town TonightCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOther3:39
330How Can I Go OnFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation4:00
331How Can It BePre-Queen >> 1984OtherUnreleased3:08
332How Come You're So DumbCollaborations (Hilary Hilary)OtherOther2:38
333How I RollCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOther3:02
334How To Compose Popular Songs That Will Sell (album)Collaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOther-
335I Am The Drummer (In A Rock 'n' Roll Band)Roger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album2:45
336I Can Hear MusicPre-Queen >> Larry LurexOtherBoxed Set, Compilation3:27
337I Can Read BooksCollaborations (Judie Tzuke)OtherOther4:18
338I Can Take You HigherThe CrossRoger TaylorDownload, Boxed Set3:28
339I Can't Be Your FriendBrian May & Kerry EllisBrian MayStudio Album3:55
340I Can't DanceCollaborations (Band Du Lac)OtherOther8:22
341I Can't DanceFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set2:04
342I Can't Get You Out Of My HeadThe CrossThe CrossDownload, Boxed Set3:36
343I Can't Live With YouQueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation4:33
344I Cry For You (Love, Hope and Confusion)Roger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album4:21
345I DoCollaborations (Steve Cropper)OtherOther2:46
346I Don't CareRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album3:24
347I Don't Want Nobody (Teasing Around With Me)Brian MayOtherNon-Album Track3:49
348I Dream Of ChristmasCollaborations (Anita Dobson)Brian MayOther5:05
349I Fought The LawCollaborations (The Crickets, Albert Lee & Brian May)OtherOther1:33
350I Go CrazyQueenBrian MayNon-Album Track3:41
351I Got You (I Feel Good)Pre-Queen >> The ReactionOtherUnreleased2:50
352I Guess We're Falling OutQueenBrian MayUnreleased2:36
353I Loved A ButterflyBrian May & Kerry EllisBrian MayStudio Album3:09
354I Need TimeCollaborations (The Left Handed Marriage)OtherOther3:11
355I Wanna Take You HigherRoger TaylorRoger TaylorUnreleased3:19
356I Wanna TestifyRoger TaylorRoger TaylorNon-Album Track, Boxed Set3:46
357I Want It AllQueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation4:40
358I Want It All / We Will Rock You Mash UpQueenQueenOther5:07
359I Want To Break FreeQueenJohn DeaconStudio Album, Compilation3:19
360I Was Born To Love YouFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation3:37
361I Was Born To Love YouQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album4:50
362I Who Have NothingBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album4:07
363I'll Go CrazyPre-Queen >> The ReactionOtherUnreleased2:46
364I'm Going Slightly MadQueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation4:22
365I'm In Love With My CarQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album, Compilation3:05
366I'm Just A Rolling StoneCollaborations (Lonnie Donnegan)OtherOther7:30
367I'm Not That GirlBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album3:47
368I'm ReadyCollaborations (Paul Rodgers)OtherOther2:59
369I'm ScaredBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album3:59
370I've Been To Hell And BackCollaborations (Peter Straker)OtherOther3:04
371Ideas (Barcelona)Freddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set1:13
372If I Loved YouBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album3:32
373If There's A HeavenCollaborations (Tony Martin)OtherOther4:51
374If We BelieveCollaborations (Lynn Carey Saylor)OtherOther4:00
375If You Can't Beat ThemQueenJohn DeaconStudio Album4:15
376Il ColossoBrian MayBrian MayNon-Album Track7:35
377Il MareCollaborations (Zucchero)OtherOther3:55
378ImagineQueenOtherLive Only Track3:25
379ImpromptuQueenImprovisationsLive Only Track2:54
380ImprovisationsQueenImprovisationsLive Only Track4:32
381In And Out Of LoveCollaborations (Heavy Pettin')OtherOther3:52
382In Charge Of My HeartThe CrossRoger TaylorNon-Album Track, Boxed Set2:17
383In My DefenceFreddie MercuryOtherNon-Album Track, Compilation3:55
384In One Of My Weaker MomentsCollaborations (Anita Dobson)OtherOther3:40
385In Only Seven DaysQueenJohn DeaconStudio Album2:29
386In Search Of LoveFreddie MercuryOtherUnreleasedUnknown
387In The Bleak MidwinterBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherLive Only Track3:07
388In The Death Cell (Love Theme Reprise)QueenRoger TaylorStudio Album2:25
389In The Lap Of The GodsQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:22
390In The Lap Of The Gods....RevisitedQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:44
391In The Midnight LovePre-Queen >> The ReactionOtherUnreleased3:36
392In The Space Capsule (The Love Theme)QueenRoger TaylorStudio Album2:43
393InnuendoQueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation6:31
394Innuendo/Kashmir/Thank You (medley)QueenQueen, OtherLive Only Track7:49
395Inside Your HeadCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOther4:38
396Interlude In ConstantinopleRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album2:04
397Introduction (live intro track)QueenRoger TaylorLive Only Track1:59
398Invincible HopeQueenQueenDownload4:34
399Is It Me?Roger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album3:24
400Is This The World We Created?QueenFreddie Mercury, Brian MayStudio Album2:12
401Is This The World We Created? (live)Collaborations (Brian May & Andrea Corr)Brian May, Freddie MercuryOther2:18
402It TonightCollaborations (Virginia Wolf)OtherOther4:04
403It's A Beautiful DayQueenQueenStudio Album2:33
404It's A Beautiful Day (Reprise)QueenQueenStudio Album3:00
405It's A Hard LifeQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation4:08
406It's An IllusionRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album4:03
407It's Gonna Be All Right (The Panic Attack Song)Brian May & Kerry EllisBrian MayStudio Album3:43
408It's In Your EyesCollaborations (Virginia Wolf)OtherOther4:25
409It's LateQueenBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation6:25
410It's So YouFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set2:38
411JackieCollaborations (Peter Straker)OtherOther3:15
412Jailhouse RockPre-Queen >> IbexOtherUnreleased3:25
413Jailhouse RockQueenOtherLive Only Track4:07
414Jailhouse Rock / Stupid Cupid / Be Bop A Lula (medley)QueenOtherLive Only Track4:19
415Jailhouse Rock MedleyQueenOtherLive Only Track6:05
416JarvisCollaborations (Hannah Jane Fox)OtherOther3:35
417JealousyQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:13
418Jesus QueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:44
419Johnny B. Goode (live)Collaborations (Jerry Lee Lewis)OtherOther4:59
420Journey's EndRoger TaylorRoger TaylorDownload6:56
421Just A Little BitPre-Queen >> The ReactionOtherUnreleased2:33
422Just Get OnCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOther4:03
423Just One LifeBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album3:35
424Keep A Knockin'Roger TaylorOtherNon-Album Track, Boxed Set3:15
425Keep On RunningRoger TaylorOtherUnreleased2:57
426Keep Passing The Open WindowsQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album5:21
427Keep Smilin'Freddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set1:38
428Keep Yourself AliveQueenBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation3:46
429Khashoggi's ShipQueenQueenStudio Album2:47
430Killer QueenQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation2:59
431KillingBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album1:13
432Killing MeFreddie MercuryOtherUnreleasedUnknown
433Killing TimeRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album4:57
434Knock On WoodPre-Queen >> 1984OtherUnreleased2:55
435La JaponaiseFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album4:49
436Lady Of LeisureCollaborations (Gareth Marks)OtherOther4:57
437Lady With The Tenor SaxCollaborations (Billy Squier)Freddie MercuryOther4:01
438LandscapeBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album1:13
439Las Palabras De Amor (The Words Of Love)QueenBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation4:30
440Last HorizonBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album4:07
441Last Horizon (live)Collaborations (Tangerine Dream)Brian MayOther4:31
442Last Horizon / Guitar Solo (live)Collaborations (Rick Wakeman)Brian MayOther11:04
443Laugh Or CryRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album3:04
444Lazing On A Sunday AfternoonQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album1:07
445Leaving Home Ain't EasyQueenBrian MayStudio Album3:15
446Let Me Entertain YouQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:01
447Let Me In (Your Heart Again)Collaborations (Anita Dobson)Brian MayOther3:52
448Let Me In Your Heart AgainQueenBrian MayCompilation4:34
449Let Me LiveQueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation4:45
450Let Me OutBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album7:11
451Let There Be DrumsQueenRoger TaylorLive Only Track3:40
452Let Your Heart Rule Your HeadBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album3:48
453Let Your Heart Rule Your HeadCollaborations (Lonnie Donegan)Brian MayOtherUnknown
454Let's Get CrazyRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album3:40
455Let's Get DrunkThe CrossThe CrossLive Only Track3:42
456Let's Turn It OnFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation3:39
457Lettin' Loose (album)Collaborations (Heavy Pettin')OtherOther-
458LiarThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album4:29
459Liar QueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album6:24
460Life ChangesThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album5:54
461Life Is Real (Song For Lennon)QueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:31
462Life With BrianCollaborations (Bad News)OtherOther5:23
463Lily Of The ValleyQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album1:45
464Little Bit Of LovePaul Rodgers (Free)Paul RodgersOther2:34
465Little BoogieQueenUnknownUnreleased0:35
466Little Freddie Goes To SchoolFreddie MercuryOtherOther5:22
467Livin' On A Knife EdgeCollaborations (Virginia Wolf)OtherOther4:45
468Living On My OwnFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation3:21
469London Town - C'mon DownRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album6:59
470Loneliness...Roger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album2:23
471Lonely NightCollaborations (Magnum)OtherOther3:47
472Long AwayQueenBrian MayStudio Album3:32
473Looks Like It's Gonna Be A Good NightQueenImprovisationsLive Only Track3:36
474Lose Yourself (live intro track)QueenOtherLive Only Track2:28
475Lost OpportunityQueenQueenNon-Album Track3:51
476Love And LustCollaborations (Lydia Canaan)OtherOtherUnknown
477Love Don't Live Here AnymoreCollaborations (Jimmy Nail)OtherOther3:55
478Love In A RainbowBrian May & Kerry EllisBrian May & Kerry EllisStudio Album4:28
479Love Is Not Real (Next Time You Stab Me In The Back)Collaborations (Meat Loaf)OtherOther7:32
480Love Is The HeroCollaborations (Billy Squier)OtherOther4:48
481Love It When You CallBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album3:34
482Love KillsFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryNon-Album Track, Compilation4:28
483Love Kills - The BalladQueenFreddie MercuryCompilation4:10
484Love Lies Bleeding (She Was A Wicked, Wily Waitress)The CrossRoger TaylorStudio Album4:24
485Love Makin' LoveFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set, Compilation3:35
486Love Me Like There's No TomorrowFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation3:45
487Love Of My LifeCollaborations (Extreme)Freddie MercuryOther4:31
488Love Of My LifeQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:36
489Love On A Tightrope (Like An Animal)The CrossRoger TaylorStudio Album4:49
490Love On The RunCollaborations (Heavy Pettin')OtherOther4:03
491Love Times LoveCollaborations (Heavy Pettin')OtherOther4:01
492Love TokenBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album5:54
493Love TrainCollaborations (Holly Johnson)OtherOther4:01
494Loving YouCollaborations (Fergal Sharkey)OtherOther4:08
495LucilleThe CrossOtherLive Only Track6:29
496LucyCollaborations (Adam Lambert)OtherOther3:26
497MacbethBrian MayBrian MayUnreleasedUnknown
498Machines (Or Back To Humans)QueenBrian May, Roger TaylorStudio Album5:07
499Mad The SwineQueenFreddie MercuryNon-Album Track3:19
500Made In HeavenFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation4:05
501Made In HeavenQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album5:25
502Madre DolcissimaCollaborations (Zucchero)OtherOther7:24
503Magic Is LooseRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album3:29
504Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) (live)Collaborations (Steve Harley)OtherOther5:18
505Make My Dream Come TrueCollaborations (S.O.L)OtherOther4:02
506Man Made ParadiseFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album4:08
507Man On FireRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album4:05
508Man On The ProwlQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:25
509ManipulatorThe CrossRoger TaylorNon-Album Track, Boxed Set3:58
510Marriage Of Dale And Ming (And Flash Approaching)QueenBrian May, Roger TaylorStudio Album2:04
511Mary SaysCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOther4:51
512Masters Of WarRoger TaylorOtherStudio Album3:48
513MasturbikeCollaborations (Bad News)OtherOther2:18
514Maybe BabyBrian MayOtherNon-Album Track2:12
515Maybe Baby (live)Collaborations (The Crickets, Albert Lee & Brian May)OtherOther1:23
516Mel Smith's Greatest HitsCollaborations (Mel Smith)OtherOther3:09
517Michael PicassoCollaborations (Ian Hunter)OtherOther6:44
518Midnight (You Won't Be Sleeping)Collaborations (Magnum)OtherOther4:01
519MillionaireThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album3:43
520Mind In PocketCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOther4:35
521Ming's Theme (In The Court Of Ming The Merciless)QueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album2:41
522MisfireQueenJohn DeaconStudio Album1:50
523Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll QueenRoger TaylorStudio Album1:48
524Money Can't Buy HappinessFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set2:35
525Moody KeyboardsBrian MayBrian MayUnreleased5:37
526MoralCollaborations (Gary Numan)OtherOther4:31
527More Of That JazzQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album4:14
528Mother LoveQueenFreddie Mercury, Brian MayStudio Album4:46
529Move ItCollaborations (Cliff Richard)OtherOther4:05
530Move It (live)Collaborations (Cliff Richard)OtherOther2:36
531Mr Bad GuyFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation4:10
532Mr, You're A Better Man Than ICollaborations (The Yardbirds)OtherOther3:22
533MudslideCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOther4:51
534MustaphaQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:00
535My Baby Does MeQueenQueenStudio Album3:22
536My BoyBrian MayBrian MayNon-Album Track2:00
537My Country Parts I & IIRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album6:46
538My Fairy King QueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album4:08
539My GirlPre-Queen >> 1984OtherUnreleased2:20
540My Life Has Been SavedQueenQueenNon-Album Track, Studio Album3:15
541My Love Is DangerousFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation3:41
542My Melancholy BluesQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:29
543My Secret FantasyQueenJohn DeaconUnreleased2:34
544NSUPre-Queen >> 1984OtherUnreleased3:40
545Nazis 1994Roger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album2:35
546Need A Lot Of LoveCollaborations (Magnum)OtherOther4:48
547Need Your Loving TonightQueenJohn DeaconStudio Album2:48
548NevermoreQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album1:18
549New DamageCollaborations (Soundgarden)OtherOther5:20
550New Dark AgesThe CrossRoger TaylorStudio Album4:58
551New YorkFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set2:13
552New York New YorkQueenOtherNon-Album Track0:36
553No More FunRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album4:13
554No Turning BackThe ImmortalsJohn DeaconNon-Album Track3:50
555No ViolinsRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album4:32
556No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young)QueenBrian MayCompilation4:12
557No-One But You (with Eva Maria) (Solo Por Ti)QueenBrian MayNon-Album Track4:27
558No-One But You (with Kerry Ellis) (Only The Good Die Young)QueenBrian MayNon-Album Track, Other5:18
559Nobody KnewCollaborations (Carmine Appice)OtherOther3:50
560Nothin' But BlueBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album3:30
561Nothing Really Has ChangedBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherLive Only Track3:37
562Now I'm HereQueenBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation4:13
563Now I'm Here (live)Collaborations (Def Leppard)Brian MayOther4:56
564Ogre BattleQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album4:08
565Oh BoyCollaborations (The Crickets, Albert Lee & Brian May)OtherOther1:44
566Old FriendsRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album3:33
567Old Men (Lay Down)The CrossRoger TaylorStudio Album4:52
568Olympic ThemeBrian MayBrian MayUnreleased3:30
569Olympic ThemeRoger TaylorRoger TaylorUnreleased4:30
570On My Way UpBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album2:56
571Once Bitten Twice Shy (live)Collaborations (Ian Hunter)OtherOther5:01
572One For MeCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOther4:59
573One Night In HellBrian MayBrian MayOther2:01
574One Night StandRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album4:21
575One Rainy WishBrian MayOtherStudio Album4:04
576One VisionQueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation5:09
577One VoiceBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album3:20
578One VoiceCollaborations (Various Artists)OtherOther3:50
579One Year Of LoveQueenJohn DeaconStudio Album4:27
580Only LoveCollaborations (Virginia Wolf)OtherOther4:17
581Only Make BelieveBrian MayOtherNon-Album Track2:38
582Otro LugarBrian MayBrian MayNon-Album Track4:06
583Our Love Is Driftin'Pre-Queen >> 1984OtherUnreleased3:19
584Out Of My LifeRoger TaylorRoger TaylorUnreleasedUnknown
585Out Of The DarknessCollaborations (Jon Tiven & Stephen Kalinich)OtherOther7:41
586Overture PiccanteFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album6:40
587Pain Is So Close To PleasureQueenFreddie Mercury, John DeaconStudio Album4:21
588Pale White GirlsCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOther4:56
589Panic AttackBrian May & Kerry EllisBrian MayStudio Album3:53
590Parisienne WalkwaysBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album3:42
591PartyQueenQueenStudio Album2:24
592Passion For TrashThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album2:32
593Peggy SueCollaborations (The Crickets, Albert Lee & Brian May)OtherOther1:51
594Penetration GuruThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album3:44
595People On StreetsRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album4:10
596PhoneBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album1:07
597Piano SoloQueenBrian MayNon-Album Track1:05
598Piano SoloThe CrossThe CrossLive Only Track2:19
599Pickin' Up SoundsCollaborations (Man Friday & Jive Junior)OtherOther5:07
600Pinball WizardQueenOtherLive Only Track0:28
601Play The GameQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation3:30
602Play The Game TonightCollaborations (Kansas)OtherOther3:26
603Polar BearPre-Queen >> SmileBrian MayStudio Album3:54
604Polar BearQueenBrian MayUnreleased3:46
605Power To LoveThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album4:00
606Pressure OnRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album4:56
607Pretty WomanCollaborations (Bad News)OtherOther2:51
608Princes Of The UniverseQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation3:31
609ProcessionQueenBrian MayStudio Album1:12
610Purple HazePre-Queen >> 1984OtherUnreleased4:19
611PursuitBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album3:44
612Put It All Down To LoveThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album3:34
613Put Out The FireQueenBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation3:18
614Quality StreetRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album4:25
615Queen MedleyOtherQueenLive Only Track12:31
616Queen Medley (with German cast of 'We Will Rock You')QueenQueenDownload7:10
617Queen TalksQueenQueenNon-Album Track1:43
618Rachmaninov's RevengeFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set4:44
619Racing In The StreetRoger TaylorOtherStudio Album4:26
620RadioCollaborations (Shakin' Stevens)OtherOther3:29
621Radio Ga GaQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album, Compilation5:47
622Ragtime Piano JoeCollaborations (Peter Straker)OtherOther3:42
623RainPre-Queen >> IbexOtherBoxed Set3:50
624Rain Must FallQueenQueenStudio Album4:22
625Raining In My HeartCollaborations (Status Quo)OtherOther3:32
626Reach Out For Each OtherCollaborations (Phillip Goodhand-Tait)OtherOther3:22
627Reaching OutCollaborations (Rock Therapy)OtherOther2:38
628Red On The HighwayCollaborations (Magnum)OtherOther4:13
629Red Planet BluesCollaborations (D-Rok)OtherOther6:35
630Reggae: 'Bird In Hand'Brian MayOtherStudio Album3:30
631RememberPre-Queen >> 1984OtherUnreleased2:11
632ResurrectionBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album5:28
633Resurrection Mary (live)Collaborations (Ian Hunter)OtherOther7:21
634RevelationsRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album3:44
635Rich Kid BluesCollaborations (Hilary Hilary)OtherOther3:06
636Richard & JoeyCollaborations (Mel Smith)OtherOther2:23
637Ride The Wild WindQueenQueenStudio Album4:42
638Ride To WinCollaborations (Cozy Powell)OtherOther3:45
639Right AwayCollaborations (Kansas)OtherOther4:06
640Roads To MoscowCollaborations (Al Stewart)OtherOther7:59
641RobberyQueenRoger Taylor, Brian MayUnreleased1:58
642Rock A Bye DixieFreddie MercuryOtherUnreleased1:29
643Rock And Roll FantasyPaul Rodgers (Bad Company)Paul RodgersOther3:17
644Rock And Roll MedleyQueenOtherUnreleasedUnknown
645Rock And Roll Medley (live)QueenOtherLive Only Track4:19
646Rock In Rio BluesQueenImprovisationsLive Only Track4:32
647Rock It (Prime Jive)QueenRoger TaylorStudio Album4:32
648Rock MeCollaborations (Heavy Pettin')OtherOther5:00
649Rock Me BabyPre-Queen >> IbexOtherUnreleased1:05
650Rockin' My Life Away (live)Collaborations (Jerry Lee Lewis)OtherOther3:57
651RockstarCollaborations (Dappy)OtherOther3:41
652Roger Taylor Drum SolosQueenRoger TaylorLive Only Track3:00
653Roll With YouBrian May & Kerry EllisBrian May & Kerry EllisStudio Album3:54
654Rollin' OverBrian MayOtherStudio Album4:36
655Rough JusticeThe CrossRoger TaylorStudio Album3:22
656RouletteCollaborations (Minako Honda)OtherOther3:05
657Rude AwakeningsCollaborations (Jon Tiven & Stephen Kalinich)OtherOther4:45
658RunawayQueen + Paul RodgersOtherDownload5:29
659Sail Away Sweet Sister (To The Sister I Never Had)QueenBrian MayStudio Album3:33
660SailingCollaborations (Rock Against Repatriation)OtherOther4:11
661Sally's Garden (live)Collaborations (Tangerine Dream)OtherOther4:28
663Save MeBrian May & Kerry EllisBrian MayStudio Album3:58
664Save MeQueenBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation3:47
665Save The Badger Badger BadgerBrian MayBrian MayOther1:08
666Say It's Not TrueQueen + Paul RodgersRoger TaylorStudio Album4:01
667Say It's Not TrueRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album4:58
668Say You Love MeCollaborations (Cherie)OtherOther3:56
669ScandalQueenQueenStudio Album4:42
670School's Out (live)Collaborations (Alice Cooper)OtherOther4:06
671Scream In VainCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOther4:54
672SeagullPaul Rodgers (Bad Company)Paul RodgersOther4:03
673Seaside RendezvousQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album2:13
674See What A Fool I've BeenQueenBrian MayNon-Album Track4:29
675SelfCollaborations (Fuzzbox)OtherOther3:43
676Self Made ManQueenBrian MayUnreleased4:39
677Seven Seas Of RhyeQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation2:46
678Sex, Age & Death (album)Collaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOther-
679Shadow BoxedCollaborations (Procol Harum)OtherOther3:32
680She Blows Hot And ColdFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryNon-Album Track3:24
681She Makes Me (Stormtrooper In Stilettos)QueenBrian MayStudio Album4:09
682She Was Once My FriendCollaborations (The Left Handed Marriage)OtherOther3:12
683She's A LoverCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOther4:29
684She's RichCollaborations (Perkins AKA Miss World)OtherOther2:54
685Sheer Heart AttackQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album, Compilation3:25
686Shift In The Wind (parts 1 & 2 )Collaborations (Chris Thompson)OtherOther6:41
687Shooting StarPaul Rodgers (Bad Company)Paul RodgersOther6:15
688Shout It OutCollaborations (Heavy Pettin')OtherOther3:42
689Shove ItThe CrossRoger TaylorStudio Album3:28
690SideburnsBrian MayBrian MayNon-Album Track1:06
691Silly ChristmasCollaborations (Anita Dobson)Brian MayOther5:55
692Silly Pretty ThingCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOther4:02
693Silver SalmonQueenOtherUnreleased3:00
694Since You've Been GoneBrian MayOtherLive Only Track3:35
695Sister BlueThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album4:13
696Sleeping On The SidewalkQueenBrian MayStudio Album3:05
697Sleepy BluesBrian MayBrian MayUnreleased5:23
698Slot MachineCollaborations (Steve Hackett)OtherOther4:21
699Slow DownBrian MayOtherStudio Album4:16
700SmallQueen + Paul RodgersQueen + Paul RodgersStudio Album4:40
701SmallRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album3:50
702Small (Reprise)Queen + Paul RodgersQueen + Paul RodgersStudio Album2:03
703SmileRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album3:00
704Smoke On The WaterCollaborations (Rock Aid Armenia)OtherOther5:08
705Smoke On The Water (live)Collaborations (Bruce Dickinson)OtherOther7:21
706So SweetPre-Queen >> IbexOtherUnreleased3:17
707Some Day One DayQueenBrian MayStudio Album4:22
708Some Things That GlitterQueen + Paul RodgersQueen + Paul RodgersStudio Album4:03
709Somebody To LoveCollaborations (Cathy Porter)Freddie MercuryOther3:41
710Somebody To LoveQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation4:55
711Someone To Die ForCollaborations (Jimmy Gnecco)OtherOther5:06
712SomethingBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherLive Only Track3:36
713Sometime LoveCollaborations (Magnum)OtherOther4:20
714Somewhere In TimeCollaborations (Cozy Powell)OtherOther3:50
715Son And Daughter QueenBrian MayStudio Album3:19
716Son Of StarfleetBrian MayBrian MayNon-Album Track4:19
717SoulOtherOtherLive Only Track4:20
718Soul BrotherQueenQueenNon-Album Track3:36
719SouvenirCollaborations (Paul McCartney)OtherOtherUnknown
720SpaceBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album0:47
721Spike Edney Keyboard SoloBrian MayOtherLive Only Track3:08
722Spread Your WingsQueenJohn DeaconStudio Album4:32
723StalkerCollaborations (Hannah Jane Fox)OtherOther3:20
724Stand Up For LoveThe CrossRoger TaylorStudio Album4:21
725StarfleetBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album7:59
726Starship Trooper (live)Collaborations (Rick Wakeman)OtherOther17:32
727State Of ShockCollaborations (Michael Jackson)UnknownOther4:43
728Stay With MeCollaborations (The Strat Pack)OtherOther5:45
729Stay With Me TonightCollaborations (Jeffrey Osbourne)OtherOther5:00
730Staying PowerQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album4:10
731Stealin'QueenQueenNon-Album Track3:58
732Step On MePre-Queen >> 1984Brian May, Tim StaffellUnreleased3:07
733Step On MePre-Queen >> SmileBrian May, Tim StaffellStudio Album3:09
734Still Burnin'Queen + Paul RodgersQueen + Paul RodgersStudio Album4:03
735Stone Cold CrazyQueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation2:14
736Stop All The FightingFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryNon-Album Track3:17
737StormBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album2:19
738Story Of A HeartBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album4:21
739Strange FrontierRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album4:14
740Stutter RapCollaborations (Morris Major & The Minors)OtherOtherUnknown
741Sugar Lump GirlCollaborations (The Left Handed Marriage)OtherOtherUnknown
742Summer Of Rock 'n' RollCollaborations (Outl4w)OtherOther3:17
743SunnyPre-Queen >> The OppositionOtherUnreleased2:47
744Sunny DayRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album3:37
745Supernova (Real Star Sounds) (live)Collaborations (Tangerine Dream)OtherOther9:38
746Surf's Up... School's Out!Queen + Paul RodgersQueen + Paul RodgersStudio Album5:55
747SurrenderRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album3:36
748SurvivalCollaborations (Fox)OtherOther4:21
749Sweet LadyQueenBrian MayStudio Album4:02
750Sweet Talkin'Collaborations (Anita Dobson)Brian MayOther4:28
751Sweet WinePre-Queen >> 1984OtherUnreleased3:34
752Systematic 6-PackCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOther3:29
753Take A ChanceCollaborations (Virginia Wolf)OtherOther3:27
754Take LoveQueen + Paul RodgersPaul RodgersLive Only Track4:32
755Talking Of LoveCollaborations (Anita Dobson)Brian MayOther3:41
756Talking Of Love (album)Collaborations (Anita Dobson)OtherOther-
757Tango: 'Cuesta Abajo'Brian MayOtherStudio Album3:00
758Tanto Amor No Es BuenoCollaborations (Momo Cortes)OtherOther4:17
759Tavaszi Szel Vizet ArasztQueenOtherLive Only Track1:50
760Tear It UpQueenBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation3:24
761Tenement FunsterQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album2:47
762Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)QueenBrian MayStudio Album5:52
763Thank God It's ChristmasQueenBrian May, Roger TaylorNon-Album Track, Compilation4:18
764Thank YouQueenOtherLive Only Track1:43
765That'll Be The DayCollaborations (The Crickets, Albert Lee & Brian May)OtherOther2:06
766That's The Way God Planned ItCollaborations (The SAS Band)OtherOther4:10
767The Alps Guitar SoloBrian MayBrian MayNon-Album TrackUnknown
768The Also RansThe CrossRoger TaylorStudio Album5:27
769The Amazing Spider-ManBrian MayBrian MayNon-Album Track4:12
770The Annual Penguin ShowCollaborations (Peter Straker)OtherOther4:40
771The BadgerCollaborations (Virginia McKenna)OtherOther3:37
772The Banker's SongCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOther2:41
773The BusinessBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album5:07
774The DarkBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album2:20
775The Day The Talkies CameCollaborations (Peter Straker)OtherOther4:45
776The DevilCollaborations (Motörhead)OtherOther2:54
777The Duet (The Fallen Priest)Freddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set3:04
778The Fairy Feller's MasterstrokeQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album2:41
779The Fallen PriestFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album5:44
780The Fields Of SpringCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOther4:15
781The Fire WithinBrian MayBrian MayUnreleased8:51
782The Girl From IpanemaFreddie MercuryOtherUnreleased3:36
783The Golden BoyFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation6:04
784The Great PretenderFreddie MercuryOtherNon-Album Track, Compilation3:25
785The Green ParadeBrian MayBrian MayUnreleasedUnknown
786The Guv'norBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album4:09
787The HeroQueenBrian MayStudio Album3:30
788The Highland RoadCollaborations (Craig Weir & The Cabalistic Cavalry)OtherOther4:51
789The HitmanQueenQueenStudio Album4:56
790The Invisible ManQueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation3:56
791The KeyRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album4:24
792The Kiss (Aura Resurrects Flash)QueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album1:45
793The Kissing Me SongBrian May & Kerry EllisBrian May & Kerry EllisStudio Album3:43
794The Last Time I Made LoveCollaborations (Anita Dobson)OtherOther2:59
795The Loser In The EndQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album4:01
796The Man From ManhattanCollaborations (Eddie Howell)OtherOther3:19
797The March Of The Black QueenQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album6:33
798The Meeting (Solo Guitar)Brian MayBrian MayStudio Album1:34
799The Millionaire WaltzQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album4:54
800The MiracleQueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation5:01
801The Music Of The NightFreddie MercuryOtherUnreleasedUnknown
802The Night Comes Down QueenBrian MayStudio Album4:23
803The Original Miss JesusCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOtherUnknown
804The Phantom Of The OperaFreddie MercuryOtherUnreleasedUnknown
805The Price Of LoveRoger TaylorRoger TaylorUnreleasedUnknown
806The Prophet's SongQueenBrian MayStudio Album8:20
807The Ring (Hypnotic Seduction Of Dale)QueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album0:57
808The Saddest ClownCollaborations (Peter Straker)OtherOther4:19
809The Second Shelf MixThe CrossRoger TaylorCD Bonus Track, Boxed Set5:49
810The Shores Of FormenteraRoger TaylorRoger TaylorDownload3:44
811The Show Must Go OnQueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation4:32
812The StealerPaul Rodgers (Free)Paul RodgersOther3:13
813The StonkCollaborations (Hale & Pace & The Stonkers)OtherOther3:45
814The StretchBrian MayBrian MayNon-Album Track1:04
815The Unblinking EyeRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album4:54
816The Way We WereBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherOther2:58
817The Wedding MarchQueenBrian MayStudio Album0:56
818The WhisperersRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album6:06
819The WildernessBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album4:51
820There Must Be More To Life Than ThisCollaborations (Michael Jackson)Freddie MercuryOther3:07
821There Must Be More To Life Than ThisFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation2:58
822There Must Be More To Life Than ThisQueenFreddie MercuryCompilation3:26
823These Are The Days Of Our LivesQueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation4:15
824This Is The ChorusCollaborations (Morris Major & The Minors)OtherOtherUnknown
825This Is Your TimeCollaborations (Errol Brown)OtherOtherUnknown
826This One's On Me (album)Collaborations (Peter Straker)OtherOther-
827This Way UpCollaborations (Perkins AKA Miss World)OtherOther2:28
828Through The NightQueen + Paul RodgersQueen + Paul RodgersStudio Album4:53
829Tie Your Mother DownQueenBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation4:46
830TimeFreddie MercuryOtherNon-Album Track, Compilation2:57
831Time To ShineQueen + Paul RodgersQueen + Paul RodgersStudio Album4:23
832Tired Of YouCollaborations (Foo Fighters)OtherOther5:10
833To Know Him Is To Love HimCollaborations (Anita Dobson)OtherOther3:09
834To Live In LoveCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOther4:04
835TonightRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album3:45
836Too Late GodCollaborations (Bob Geldof)Freddie MercuryLive Only Track2:26
837Too Late She CriedCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOtherUnknown
838Too Much Love Will Kill YouBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album4:26
839Too Much Love Will Kill YouCollaborations (Claire Sweeney)Brian MayOther4:22
840Too Much Love Will Kill YouQueenBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation4:19
841Too YoungCollaborations (Elton John)OtherOther5:13
842Top Of The World MaThe CrossRoger TaylorStudio Album3:30
843Toss The FeathersCollaborations (The Corrs)OtherOther3:10
844Touch The SkyRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album5:05
845Track 13QueenQueenCD Bonus Track22:32
846Transit 3Pre-Queen >> The OppositionOtherUnreleased2:28
847Travellin' BandCollaborations (Def Leppard)OtherOther5:32
848Turn On The TVRoger TaylorRoger TaylorNon-Album Track, Boxed Set3:27
849Tutti FruttiQueenOtherLive Only Track3:23
850TwinkletoesCollaborations (Rick Parfitt)OtherOther2:53
851Two DogsCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOther3:22
852Two FuxAdam LambertOtherOther3:26
853Two Sharp Pencils (Get Bad)Roger TaylorRoger TaylorNon-Album Track, Boxed Set3:25
854Two SistersBrian MayBrian MayUnreleasedUnknown
855Two Wrongs Don't Make A RightCollaborations (Jeffrey Osbourne)OtherOther4:45
856Under A Raging MoonCollaborations (Roger Daltrey)OtherOther4:30
857Under PressureQueenQueen & David BowieStudio Album, Compilation4:04
858Unreleased Jam SessionCollaborations (Various)ImprovisationsOtherUnknown
859UpRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album3:08
860Vagabond OutcastPre-Queen >> IbexOtherUnreleased2:22
861VampCollaborations (Peter Straker)OtherOther5:21
862VehiclePre-Queen >> The OppositionOtherUnreleased2:18
863Victims Of The NightCollaborations (Heavy Pettin')OtherOther5:21
864VictoryCollaborations (Michael Jackson)UnknownOtherUnknown
866VigilanteCollaborations (Magnum)OtherOther6:39
867Vigilante (album)Collaborations (Magnum)OtherOther-
868Virginia Wolf (album)Collaborations (Virginia Wolf)OtherOther-
869Vocal ImprovisationQueenFreddie MercuryLive Only Track0:58
870VoodooQueen + Paul RodgersQueen + Paul RodgersStudio Album4:28
871Vultan's Theme (Attack Of The Hawkmen)QueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album1:13
872Waiting For Your LoveCollaborations (Virginia Wolf)OtherOther3:50
873WalkingCollaborations (Sideway Look)OtherOther3:30
874Walking Back To HappinessCollaborations (Bob Geldof)OtherOther10:22
875WarboysQueen + Paul RodgersQueen + Paul RodgersStudio Album3:18
876Warriors Of Genghis KhanCollaborations (Bad News)OtherOther3:26
877Was It All Worth ItQueenQueenStudio Album5:44
878Way DownCollaborations (Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders)OtherOther3:48
879We Are OneCollaborations (Jayce Lewis)OtherOther4:57
880We Are The ChampionsCollaborations (Hank Marvin)Freddie MercuryOther4:57
881We Are The ChampionsQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation3:00
882We Are The Champions (with Robbie Williams)QueenFreddie MercuryNon-Album Track3:52
883We BelieveQueen + Paul RodgersQueen + Paul RodgersStudio Album6:08
884We BelongCollaborations (Lynn Carey Saylor)OtherOther4:28
885We Will Rock YouQueenBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation2:00
886We Will Rock You (fast version)QueenBrian MayNon-Album Track2:45
887We Will Rock You (live)Collaborations (Dappy)Brian MayOther2:58
888We Will Rock You (live)Collaborations (Tangerine Dream)Brian MayOther10:25
889We Will Rock You (with Britney Spears, Beyonce Knowles and Pink)QueenBrian MayNon-Album Track2:29
890We Will Rock You (with Five)QueenBrian MayNon-Album Track3:07
891We Will Rock You (with John Farnham)QueenBrian MayNon-Album Track3:06
892We Will Rock You Vonlichten (with Vonlichten)QueenBrian MayNon-Album Track3:15
893We're Going HomePre-Queen >> IbexOtherUnreleased6:43
894We're Going WrongPre-Queen >> IbexOtherUnreleased3:38
895What About LoveCollaborations (Phenomena)OtherOther5:02
896What Are We Made Of?Brian MayBrian MayNon-Album Track3:42
897What's On Your MindPre-Queen >> The ReactionOtherUnreleased2:09
898Whataya Want From MeAdam LambertOtherOther3:45
899When Death CallsCollaborations (Black Sabbath)OtherOther6:55
900When The World Comes DownCollaborations (Magnum)OtherOther5:20
901When This Tired Old Body Wants To SingFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set2:29
902When We Were YoungRoger TaylorRoger TaylorUnreleasedUnknown
903Where Are You Now?Roger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album4:48
904Whistle Down The WindCollaborations (Andrew Lloyd Webber)OtherOtherUnknown
905White ManQueenBrian MayStudio Album4:58
906White Queen (As It Began)QueenBrian MayStudio Album4:33
907Who Needs YouQueenJohn DeaconStudio Album3:05
908Who Wants To Live ForeverCollaborations (Ian & Belinda)Brian MayOther3:45
909Who Wants To Live ForeverCollaborations (Jennifer Rush)Brian MayOther3:59
910Who Wants To Live ForeverQueenBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation5:14
911Whole House Rockin'Roger TaylorRoger TaylorBoxed Set2:59
912Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (live)Collaborations (Jerry Lee Lewis)OtherOther4:29
913Why Don't Stars Fall AnymoreCollaborations (Perkins AKA Miss World)OtherOther5:24
914Why Don't We Try AgainBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album5:22
915Wild And Untamed ThingCollaborations (Rocky Horror Picture Show)OtherOtherUnknown
916Wild One (live)Collaborations (Jerry Lee Lewis)OtherOther5:13
917Wishing WellPaul Rodgers (Free)Paul RodgersOther3:40
918With A Little Help From My FriendsCollaborations (Joe Cocker)OtherOther5:40
919With A Little Help From My FriendsCollaborations (The SAS Band)OtherOther5:00
921Woman, You're So Beautiful (But Still A Pain In The Ass)Roger TaylorRoger TaylorDownload, Boxed Set3:56
922Working Class HeroRoger TaylorOtherStudio Album4:42
923Would You BelieveCollaborations (Famous Jug Band)OtherOther2:31
924WrathCollaborations (Protafield/Jayce Lewis)OtherOther3:49
925YeahQueenQueenStudio Album0:04
926Yellow BreezesFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set5:24
927Yes We CanCollaborations (Artists United For Nature)OtherOther3:59
928You And ICollaborations (Lady Gaga)OtherOther5:07
929You And IQueenJohn DeaconStudio Album3:26
930You Are The Only OneFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryUnreleased1:59
931You Are You AreCollaborations (Gary Numan)OtherOther3:59
932You Can't Hurry LoveCollaborations (Phil Collins)OtherOther3:02
933You Can't Stay The NightCollaborations (Anita Dobson)OtherOther4:45
934You Don't Fool MeQueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation5:24
935You Have To Be ThereBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album4:27
936You Nearly Did Me InCollaborations (Ian Hunter)OtherOther5:44
937You Take My Breath AwayQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album5:06
938You're My Best FriendQueenJohn DeaconStudio Album, Compilation2:50
939Young LoveRoger TaylorRoger TaylorStudio Album3:22
940Your Kind Of LoverFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation3:31
941Your ShoesCollaborations (Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders)OtherOther2:52
942Yours SincerelyCollaborations (The Left Handed Marriage)OtherOtherUnknown
943unknown tracksCollaborations (Gareth Marks)UnknownOtherUnknown
944unknown tracksCollaborations (Trax)UnknownOtherUnknown