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#TitleArtistWriterRelease StatusLength
1(You're So Square) Baby I Don't CareQueenOtherLive Only Track1:29
21986 Fan Club MessageQueenQueenOther4:49
31987 Fan Club MessageQueenQueenOther6:23
41990 Fan Club MessageQueenQueenOther2:29
51991 Fan Club MessageQueenQueenOther4:26
61995 Fan Club MessageQueenQueenOther2:30
72009 Fan Club MessageQueenQueenOther2:22
82010 Fan Club MessageQueenQueenOther1:29
939QueenBrian MayStudio Album3:31
1046664 - The CallQueenQueenUnreleased4:36
11A Dozen Red Roses For My DarlingQueenRoger TaylorNon-Album Track4:43
12A Human BodyQueenRoger TaylorNon-Album Track3:42
13A Kind Of 'A Kind Of Magic'QueenRoger TaylorCD Bonus Track3:36
14A Kind Of MagicQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album, Compilation4:24
15A Kind Of VisionQueenRoger TaylorCD Bonus Track3:22
16A New Life Is BornQueenFreddie MercuryUnreleased1:22
17A Sample Of MagicQueenQueenOther9:15
18A Winter's TaleQueenQueenStudio Album3:50
19Action This DayQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album3:33
21All Dead, All DeadQueenBrian MayStudio Album3:08
22All God's PeopleQueenQueenStudio Album4:21
23All The Young DudesQueenOtherLive Only Track3:37
24Alright AlrightQueenFreddie MercuryLive Only Track2:40
26Another One Bites The DustQueenJohn DeaconStudio Album, Compilation3:34
27Another One Bites The Dust (with Annie Crummer)QueenJohn DeaconNon-Album Track3:50
28Arboria (Planet Of The Treemen)QueenJohn DeaconStudio Album1:42
30Back ChatQueenJohn DeaconStudio Album4:34
31Back To StormQueenUnknownUnreleased1:19
32Batteries Not IncludedQueenOtherUnreleasedUnknown
33Battle SceneQueenBrian MayUnreleased3:34
34Battle ThemeQueenBrian MayStudio Album2:18
35Bicycle RaceQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation3:01
36Big SpenderQueenOtherLive Only Track1:31
37BijouQueenQueenStudio Album3:37
38Blurred VisionQueenQueenNon-Album Track4:41
39Body LanguageQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album4:32
40Bohemian RhapsodyQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation5:53
41Bohemian Rhapsody (with The Muppets)QueenFreddie MercuryNon-Album Track4:37
42Breakthru'QueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation4:07
43Brighton RockQueenBrian MayStudio Album5:09
44Brighton Rock SoloQueen, Brian MayBrian MayLive Only Track9:01
45Bring Back That Leroy BrownQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album2:15
46Brother Of MineQueenOtherUnreleasedUnknown
47ButterflyQueenBrian MayNon-Album Track1:05
48C-lebrityQueen & Paul RodgersQueen & Paul RodgersStudio Album3:37
49Call MeQueen & Paul RodgersQueen & Paul RodgersStudio Album2:59
50Calling All GirlsQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album3:51
51Chinese TortureQueenQueenCD Bonus Track1:43
52Coming SoonQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album2:50
53Cool CatQueenFreddie Mercury, John DeaconStudio Album3:28
54Cosmos Rockin'Queen & Paul RodgersQueen & Paul RodgersStudio Album4:11
55Crash Dive On Mingo CityQueenBrian MayStudio Album1:01
56Crazy Little Thing Called LoveQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation2:43
57DancerQueenBrian MayStudio Album3:48
58Dead On TimeQueenBrian MayStudio Album3:23
59Dear FriendsQueenBrian MayStudio Album1:06
60Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To....)QueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:43
61DelilahQueenQueenStudio Album3:34
62Dog With A BoneQueenUnknownUnreleased7:08
63Doing AlrightQueenBrian May, Tim StaffellStudio Album4:09
64Don't Lose Your HeadQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album4:38
65Don't Stop Me NowQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation3:30
66Don't Try So HardQueenQueenStudio Album3:39
67Don't Try SuicideQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:52
68Dragon AttackQueenBrian MayStudio Album4:19
69Dreamer's BallQueenBrian MayStudio Album3:29
70DrowseQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album3:43
71Eight Good Reasons To Buy 'Greatest Hits II'QueenQueenOther6:01
72Escape From The SwampQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album1:43
73Execution Of FlashQueenJohn DeaconStudio Album1:06
74Face It AloneQueenFreddie MercuryUnreleased5:15
75Fat Bottomed GirlsQueenBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation4:15
76Father To SonQueenBrian MayStudio Album6:14
77Feel LikeQueenUnknownUnreleased4:58
78FeelingsQueenBrian MayUnreleased2:09
79Feelings, FeelingsQueenBrian MayNon-Album Track, CD Bonus Track1:53
80Fight From The InsideQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album3:01
81FlashQueenBrian MayNon-Album Track, Compilation2:46
82Flash To The RescueQueenBrian MayStudio Album2:44
83Flash's ThemeQueenBrian MayStudio Album3:30
84Flash's Theme Reprise (Victory Celebrations)QueenBrian MayStudio Album1:24
85Flick Of The WristQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:17
86Football FightQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album1:29
87ForeverQueenBrian MayNon-Album Track, CD Bonus Track3:20
88Freddie Vocal SingalongsQueenFreddie MercuryLive Only Track1:49
89Friends In PainQueenUnknownUnreleasedUnknown
90Friends Will Be FriendsQueenFreddie Mercury, John DeaconStudio Album, Compilation4:07
91Friends Will Be Friends Will Be FriendsQueenFreddie Mercury, John DeaconCD Bonus Track5:57
92Fun ItQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album3:29
93Funny How Love IsQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album2:48
94Get Down Make LoveQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:50
95Gimme Some Lovin'QueenOtherLive Only Track0:55
96Gimme The Prize (Kurgan's Theme)QueenBrian MayStudio Album4:32
97God Save The QueenQueenBrian MayStudio Album1:12
98Good CompanyQueenBrian MayStudio Album3:23
99Good Old Fashioned LoverboyQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation2:54
100Grand DameQueenUnknownUnreleased2:20
101Great King Rat QueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album5:43
102Guitar SolosQueen, Brian MayBrian MayLive Only Track9:01
103Hammer To FallQueenBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation4:26
104Hang On In ThereQueenQueenNon-Album Track, CD Bonus Track3:45
105HangmanQueenFreddie MercuryUnreleasedUnknown
106HeadlongQueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation4:37
107Heaven & HellQueenOtherLive Only Track0:29
108Heaven For EveryoneQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album, Compilation5:35
109Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart)QueenOtherLive Only Track1:20
110HeroesQueenOtherLive Only Track4:06
111Highlander Trailer Medley - Don't Lose Your Head / Princes Of The UniverseQueenRoger Taylor, Freddie MercuryNon-Album Track0:53
112Hijack My HeartQueenQueenNon-Album Track4:11
113I Can't Live With YouQueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation4:33
114I Go CrazyQueenBrian MayNon-Album Track3:41
115I Guess We're Falling OutQueenBrian MayUnreleased2:36
116I Want It AllQueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation4:40
117I Want It All / We Will Rock You Mash UpQueenQueenOther5:07
118I Want To Break FreeQueenJohn DeaconStudio Album, Compilation3:19
119I Was Born To Love YouQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album4:50
120I'm Going Slightly MadQueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation4:22
121I'm In Love With My CarQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album, Compilation3:05
122If You Can't Beat ThemQueenJohn DeaconStudio Album4:15
123ImagineQueenOtherLive Only Track3:25
124ImpromptuQueenImprovisationsLive Only Track2:54
125ImprovisationsQueenImprovisationsLive Only Track4:32
126In Only Seven DaysQueenJohn DeaconStudio Album2:29
127In The Death Cell (Love Theme Reprise)QueenRoger TaylorStudio Album2:25
128In The Lap Of The GodsQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:22
129In The Lap Of The Gods....RevisitedQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:44
130In The Space Capsule (The Love Theme)QueenRoger TaylorStudio Album2:43
131InnuendoQueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation6:31
132Innuendo/Kashmir/Thank You (medley)QueenQueen, OtherLive Only Track7:49
133Introduction (live intro track)QueenRoger TaylorLive Only Track1:59
134Invincible HopeQueenQueenDownload4:34
135Is This The World We Created?QueenFreddie Mercury, Brian MayStudio Album2:12
136It's A Beautiful DayQueenQueenStudio Album2:33
137It's A Beautiful Day (Reprise)QueenQueenStudio Album3:00
138It's A Hard LifeQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation4:08
139It's LateQueenBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation6:25
140Jailhouse RockQueenOtherLive Only Track4:07
141Jailhouse Rock / Stupid Cupid / Be Bop A Lula (medley)QueenOtherLive Only Track4:19
142Jailhouse Rock MedleyQueenOtherLive Only Track6:05
143JealousyQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:13
144Jesus QueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:44
145Keep Passing The Open WindowsQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album5:21
146Keep Yourself AliveQueenBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation3:46
147Khashoggi's ShipQueenQueenStudio Album2:47
148Killer QueenQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation2:59
149Las Palabras De Amor (The Words Of Love)QueenBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation4:30
150Lazing On A Sunday AfternoonQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album1:07
151Leaving Home Ain't EasyQueenBrian MayStudio Album3:15
152Let Me Entertain YouQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:01
153Let Me In Your Heart AgainQueenBrian MayCompilation4:34
154Let Me LiveQueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation4:45
155Let There Be DrumsQueenRoger TaylorLive Only Track3:40
156Liar QueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album6:24
157Life Is Real (Song For Lennon)QueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:31
158Lily Of The ValleyQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album1:45
159Little BoogieQueenUnknownUnreleased0:35
160Long AwayQueenBrian MayStudio Album3:32
161Looks Like It's Gonna Be A Good NightQueenImprovisationsLive Only Track3:36
162Lose Yourself (live intro track)QueenOtherLive Only Track2:28
163Lost OpportunityQueenQueenNon-Album Track3:51
164Love Kills - The BalladQueenFreddie MercuryCompilation4:10
165Love Of My LifeQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:36
166Machines (Or Back To Humans)QueenBrian May, Roger TaylorStudio Album5:07
167Mad The SwineQueenFreddie MercuryNon-Album Track3:19
168Made In HeavenQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album5:25
169Man On The ProwlQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:25
170Marriage Of Dale And Ming (And Flash Approaching)QueenBrian May, Roger TaylorStudio Album2:04
171Ming's Theme (In The Court Of Ming The Merciless)QueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album2:41
172MisfireQueenJohn DeaconStudio Album1:50
173Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll QueenRoger TaylorStudio Album1:48
174More Of That JazzQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album4:14
175Mother LoveQueenFreddie Mercury, Brian MayStudio Album4:46
176MustaphaQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:00
177My Baby Does MeQueenQueenStudio Album3:22
178My Fairy King QueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album4:08
179My Life Has Been SavedQueenQueenNon-Album Track, Studio Album3:15
180My Melancholy BluesQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album3:29
181My Secret FantasyQueenJohn DeaconUnreleased2:34
182Need Your Loving TonightQueenJohn DeaconStudio Album2:48
183NevermoreQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album1:18
184New York New YorkQueenOtherNon-Album Track0:36
185No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young)QueenBrian MayCompilation4:12
186No-One But You (with Eva Maria) (Solo Por Ti)QueenBrian MayNon-Album Track4:27
187No-One But You (with Kerry Ellis) (Only The Good Die Young)QueenBrian MayNon-Album Track, Other5:18
188Now I'm HereQueenBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation4:13
189Ogre BattleQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album4:08
190One VisionQueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation5:09
191One Year Of LoveQueenJohn DeaconStudio Album4:27
192Pain Is So Close To PleasureQueenFreddie Mercury, John DeaconStudio Album4:21
193PartyQueenQueenStudio Album2:24
194Piano SoloQueenBrian MayNon-Album Track1:05
195Pinball WizardQueenOtherLive Only Track0:28
196Play The GameQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation3:30
197Polar BearQueenBrian MayUnreleased3:46
198Princes Of The UniverseQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation3:31
199ProcessionQueenBrian MayStudio Album1:12
200Put Out The FireQueenBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation3:18
201Queen Medley (with German cast of 'We Will Rock You')QueenQueenDownload7:10
202Queen TalksQueenQueenNon-Album Track1:43
203Radio Ga GaQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album, Compilation5:47
204Rain Must FallQueenQueenStudio Album4:22
205Ride The Wild WindQueenQueenStudio Album4:42
206RobberyQueenRoger Taylor, Brian MayUnreleased1:58
207Rock And Roll MedleyQueenOtherUnreleasedUnknown
208Rock And Roll Medley (live)QueenOtherLive Only Track4:19
209Rock In Rio BluesQueenImprovisationsLive Only Track4:32
210Rock It (Prime Jive)QueenRoger TaylorStudio Album4:32
211Roger Taylor Drum SolosQueenRoger TaylorLive Only Track3:00
212RunawayQueen & Paul RodgersOtherDownload5:29
213Sail Away Sweet Sister (To The Sister I Never Had)QueenBrian MayStudio Album3:33
215Save MeQueenBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation3:47
216Say It's Not TrueQueen & Paul RodgersRoger TaylorStudio Album4:01
217ScandalQueenQueenStudio Album4:42
218Seaside RendezvousQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album2:13
219See What A Fool I've BeenQueenBrian MayNon-Album Track4:29
220Self Made ManQueenBrian MayUnreleased4:39
221Seven Seas Of RhyeQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation2:46
222She Makes Me (Stormtrooper In Stilettos)QueenBrian MayStudio Album4:09
223Sheer Heart AttackQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album, Compilation3:25
224Silver SalmonQueenOtherUnreleased3:00
225Sleeping On The SidewalkQueenBrian MayStudio Album3:05
226SmallQueen & Paul RodgersQueen & Paul RodgersStudio Album4:40
227Small (Reprise)Queen & Paul RodgersQueen & Paul RodgersStudio Album2:03
228Some Day One DayQueenBrian MayStudio Album4:22
229Some Things That GlitterQueen & Paul RodgersQueen & Paul RodgersStudio Album4:03
230Somebody To LoveQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation4:55
231Son And Daughter QueenBrian MayStudio Album3:19
232Soul BrotherQueenQueenNon-Album Track3:36
233Spread Your WingsQueenJohn DeaconStudio Album4:32
234Staying PowerQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album4:10
235Stealin'QueenQueenNon-Album Track3:58
236Still Burnin'Queen & Paul RodgersQueen & Paul RodgersStudio Album4:03
237Stone Cold CrazyQueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation2:14
238Surf's Up... School's Out!Queen & Paul RodgersQueen & Paul RodgersStudio Album5:55
239Sweet LadyQueenBrian MayStudio Album4:02
240Take LoveQueen & Paul RodgersPaul RodgersLive Only Track4:32
241Tavaszi Szel Vizet ArasztQueenOtherLive Only Track1:50
242Tear It UpQueenBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation3:24
243Tenement FunsterQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album2:47
244Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)QueenBrian MayStudio Album5:52
245Thank God It's ChristmasQueenBrian May, Roger TaylorNon-Album Track, Compilation4:18
246Thank YouQueenOtherLive Only Track1:43
247The Fairy Feller's MasterstrokeQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album2:41
248The HeroQueenBrian MayStudio Album3:30
249The HitmanQueenQueenStudio Album4:56
250The Invisible ManQueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation3:56
251The Kiss (Aura Resurrects Flash)QueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album1:45
252The Loser In The EndQueenRoger TaylorStudio Album4:01
253The March Of The Black QueenQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album6:33
254The Millionaire WaltzQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album4:54
255The MiracleQueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation5:01
256The Night Comes Down QueenBrian MayStudio Album4:23
257The Prophet's SongQueenBrian MayStudio Album8:20
258The Ring (Hypnotic Seduction Of Dale)QueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album0:57
259The Show Must Go OnQueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation4:32
260The Wedding MarchQueenBrian MayStudio Album0:56
261There Must Be More To Life Than ThisQueenFreddie MercuryCompilation3:26
262These Are The Days Of Our LivesQueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation4:15
263Through The NightQueen & Paul RodgersQueen & Paul RodgersStudio Album4:53
264Tie Your Mother DownQueenBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation4:46
265Time To ShineQueen & Paul RodgersQueen & Paul RodgersStudio Album4:23
266Too Much Love Will Kill YouQueenBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation4:19
267Track 13QueenQueenCD Bonus Track22:32
268Tutti FruttiQueenOtherLive Only Track3:23
269Under PressureQueenQueen & David BowieStudio Album, Compilation4:04
271Vocal ImprovisationQueenFreddie MercuryLive Only Track0:58
272VoodooQueen & Paul RodgersQueen & Paul RodgersStudio Album4:28
273Vultan's Theme (Attack Of The Hawkmen)QueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album1:13
274WarboysQueen & Paul RodgersQueen & Paul RodgersStudio Album3:18
275Was It All Worth ItQueenQueenStudio Album5:44
276We Are The ChampionsQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation3:00
277We Are The Champions (with Robbie Williams)QueenFreddie MercuryNon-Album Track3:52
278We BelieveQueen & Paul RodgersQueen & Paul RodgersStudio Album6:08
279We Will Rock YouQueenBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation2:00
280We Will Rock You (fast version)QueenBrian MayNon-Album Track2:45
281We Will Rock You (with Britney Spears, Beyonce Knowles and Pink)QueenBrian MayNon-Album Track2:29
282We Will Rock You (with Five)QueenBrian MayNon-Album Track3:07
283We Will Rock You (with John Farnham)QueenBrian MayNon-Album Track3:06
284We Will Rock You Vonlichten (with Vonlichten)QueenBrian MayNon-Album Track3:15
285White ManQueenBrian MayStudio Album4:58
286White Queen (As It Began)QueenBrian MayStudio Album4:33
287Who Needs YouQueenJohn DeaconStudio Album3:05
288Who Wants To Live ForeverQueenBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation5:14
290YeahQueenQueenStudio Album0:04
291You And IQueenJohn DeaconStudio Album3:26
292You Don't Fool MeQueenQueenStudio Album, Compilation5:24
293You Take My Breath AwayQueenFreddie MercuryStudio Album5:06
294You're My Best FriendQueenJohn DeaconStudio Album, Compilation2:50