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This page includes details of all tracks performed in the musical, and additional tracks performed by the various worldwide casts, both with and without Queen. In addition to the tracks listed here, the various casts have also made live appearance with Queen, full details are available on the Queen Concertography 1992-2006 and Queen Concertography 2007-2022 pages.

To date there have been four cast albums released. The London Cast Album was released in 2002, and features 24 tracks from the show. It was also released in Australia in 2003 with 'Another One Bites The Dust' by Queen + Annie Crummer as a bonus track, but the album itself is the same as the UK edition. The UK version was re-released in 2012 to mark the 10th anniversary, with a bonus disc of tracks from various worldwide productions.

The Spanish Cast Album was released in 2004, and features 25 tracks (adding 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love'), with 18 performed in Spanish, 6 in English, a nd 1 instrumental, plus a second disc containing bonus tracks and videos.

The German Cast Album was released in 2005, and also features 25 tracks (adding 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' and 'Fat Bottomed Girls', but dropping 'Don't Stop Me Now'), with 18 performed in English, 6 in German, 2 split between English and German, and 1 instrumental. The German cast album is the only one to feature 'Fat Bottomed Girls'.

An Italian Cast Album was available in 2011, during the Italian tour, and was recorded in Milan in December 2009. I do not currently have any further details of it.

Musical Tracks
Recordings With Queen
Recordings Without Queen
Solo Recordings With Members Of Queen

Musical Tracks
The tracks performed during the musical are as follows, with the links going to details of the track on the London cast album. The tracks in red were omitted from the London cast album.

Act One

  1. Innuendo (Instrumental, with original recorded vocals by Freddie Mercury and backing vocals by cast)
  2. Radio Ga Ga (The Ga Ga Kids)
  3. I Want To Break Free (Gallileo)
  4. I Want To Break Free (Scaramouche)
  5. Somebody To Love (Scaramouche)
  6. Killer Queen (The Killer Queen)
  7. Play The Game (The Killer Queen)
  8. Death On Two Legs (Instrumental)
  9. Under Pressure (Gallileo & Scaramouche)
  10. A Kind Of Magic (The Killer Queen & Khashoggi)
  11. I Want It All (Britney & Meat)
  12. Headlong (Gallileo, Scaramouche, Britney & Meat)
  13. No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young) (Meat)
  14. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Gallileo, Scaramouche, Britney & Meat) (included on the Spanish and German albums)
  15. Ogre Battle (Instrumental)

Act Two

  1. One Vision (The Ga Ga Kids)
  2. Who Wants To Live Forever (Gallileo & Scaramouche)
  3. Flash (The Ga Ga Cops & Captive Bohemians)
  4. Seven Seas Of Rhye (Khashoggi)
  5. Fat Bottomed Girls (The Killer Queen & Yuppies) (included on the German album)
  6. Don't Stop Me Now (The Killer Queen)
  7. Another One Bites The Dust (The Killer Queen)
  8. Hammer To Fall (Gallileo & Scaramouche)
  9. These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Pop)
  10. We Are The Champions (The Bohemians)
  11. Bicycle Race (The Bohemians)
  12. Headlong (reprise) (Gallileo, Scaramouche & Pop)
  13. We Will Rock You (slow version) (Gallileo)
  14. We Are The Champions (Gallileo)
  15. We Will Rock You (fast version) (Mostly Instrumental, vocals by All)
  16. Bohemian Rhapsody (Gallileo, Scaramouche, Khashoggi & The Killer Queen)

The fast version of 'We Will Rock You' is performed during the bows, and 'Bohemian Rhapsody' is performed as an encore.

The Las Vegas production featured 'You're My Best Friend' instead of 'Who Wants To Live Forever', while the Australasian and Canadian productions featured 'Now I'm Here' instead of 'Play The Game'.

Recordings With Queen
The tracks below all feature both Brian and Roger.

Recordings Without Queen

Solo Recordings With Members Of Queen
These were recorded by cast members, and feature either Brian or Roger. However, they are solo tracks, rather than being taken from the musical.