The 'We Will Rock You' Stamp

'We Will Rock You' musical stamp


The 'We Will Rock You' stamp was issued by the Royal Mail on 24 February 2011, as part of the 'Musicals' edition. The set features eight stamps, each one focussing on a different West End show, namely:

  1. 'Billy Elliot' (97 pence stamp)
  2. 'Blood Brothers' (first class stamp)
  3. 'Me And My Girl' (97 pence stamp)
  4. 'Monthy Python's Spamalot' (first class stamp)
  5. 'Oliver!' (first class stamp)
  6. 'Return To The Forbidden Planet' (97 pence stamp)
  7. 'The Rocky Horror Show' (97 pence stamp)
  8. 'We Will Rock You' (first class stamp)

The set of stamps were launched to celebrate 70 years of musicals, and were originally planned for a 2010 issue but this was delayed.

The stamps were made available in at least three forms. Full detailed scans of each can be found in the gallery.

'We Will Rock You' musical stamp
1. Individually

'We Will Rock You' musical stamp presentation pack
2. "Musicals" Presentation Pack
All eight stamps presented with a colour fold-out sleeve, with information about each featured musical.

'We Will Rock You' musical stamp postcard
3. Postcard Set
A set of eight postcards, measuring 15cm x 10.5cm, featuring the artwork of each stamp