Live At The Cyberbarn

'The Making Of A World Record'

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Roger Taylor 'Live At The Cyberbarn'

Released in 1998.
Length 58 minutes.

Produced by Jim Beach and Tim Massey
Directed by Rudi Dolezal, Hannes Rossacher and Simon Witter
Sound produced by Joshua J. Macrae

This documentary focuses on Roger's record breaking concert, which was performed on 24 September 1998, and broadcast live on the internet. The video features interviews with some of the people involved, excerpts from live tracks, and footage of a Question and Answer session. Otherwise unreleased footage is highlighted in red.

All of the live tracks are intercut with interviews or other footage, and are generally too short to mention. For this reason, they are not included in the songs pages.

The second CD single of 'Surrender' includes three audio tracks from the concert, namely 'Surrender', 'Tonight' and 'No More Fun', and an edited video of 'Surrender'. The audio tracks were later released on the 'Solo Singles 2' album and 'The Lot' boxed set.

Some of the footage from this video was later released as part of the 'Electric Fire' electronic press kit on the DVD in 'The Lot' boxed set.