Roger Taylor Promo Videos

This page briefly summarises all promo videos, giving known details including directors, filming locations and dates, content, and availability of each.

In the notes below, a 'standard performance' means that the track is performed live, without audience involvement, but the studio version is dubbed over the top.

Roger also appears alongside Brian in the 2005 Comic Relief video, '(Is This The Way To) Amarillo', which has it's own page, and briefly in the 2014 video for 'Do They Know It's Christmas?' by Band Aid 30.

Dear Mr Murdoch (2011 version)

Produced by Wills Spencer.
This video is a simple photo gallery featuring images of Roger and Queen throughout their career.
Available on the DVD in 'The Lot' only.

Foreign Sand

Directed by Jeff Richter.
This video features footage of Roger singing the song into the camera, Yoshiki on piano and drums, and footage of landscapes, riots and wars at various points. It was filmed in June 1994.
Available on the DVD in 'The Lot' only.

Future Management

Top Of The Pops Video
This is a mimed performance, featuring Roger with a guitar, without a band. It was recorded on 30 April 1981.
Officially unreleased, although it has been shown on 'Top Of The Pops 2' in the UK.


Directed by Rudi Dolezal and Hannes Rossacher.
This features Roger sitting in front of moving clouds from the album sleeve, singing the track into the camera, with Jason Falloon walking in the background playing guitar. Roger's position changes throughout the song.
Available on the DVD in 'The Lot' only.

I Wanna Testify

'Marc' TV Show
Unknown director.
Roger mimed this track on Marc Bolan's TV show 'Marc', which was first broadcast on 14 September 1977.
Officially unreleased.

Journey's End

Directed by Stuart Brennan
Produced by Sarina Taylor and Stuart Brennan
Cinematography by Brendon McGinty
Creative concept by Sarina Taylor, Roger Taylor and Stuart Brennan

Rather than being a standard promo video, this is a cinematic short, which features Roger walking through various scenes, mostly shot near his home in Cornwall. It also features footage of Chinese mountains, battered guitars, and a dance sequence shot in Truro Cathedral which features his wife Sarina.
The video was released on 5 May 2017, exclusive to iTunes, and charted worldwide, reaching no. 1 in the UK, Netherlands, Finland and Estonia, no. 2 in France, Germany and Italy, no. 3 in Hungary and Lithuania, no. 4 in Sweden and Russia, no. 6 in Poland, no. 7 in Greece, no. 8 in Australia, no. 10 in Denmark and the Czech Republic, no. 13 in Romania, no. 14 in the USA, no. 16 in Japan, and no. 24 in Argentina.

Man On Fire

Original Video
Directed by Tim Pope.
This video features Roger singing the song in a house, drumming on oil drums, with a girl at an upstairs window of a house which then catches fire. It was filmed in June 1984, and banned by MTV because it does not show the girl escaping from the fire.
Available on the DVD in 'The Lot' only.

Alternate Video
This video is a simple re-edit of the original, which has the scenes of the girl removed.
Officially unreleased.

Nazis 1994

Original Video
Directed by David Mallet.
This features Roger performing the track, intercut with footage of Hitler, Nazi rallies and other war footage. A counter in the corner of the screen shows the number of Jewish victims of the war.
This version uses the 'banned' version of the track, with the 'kick those fucking Nazis' lyric.
Officially unreleased.

'The Lot' Video
This video is the same as the original but uses the album version of the track, with the 'stop these stinking Nazis' lyric.
Available on the DVD in 'The Lot' only.

Strange Frontier

Directed by George Bloom.
This track begins and ends with underwater footage of a sunken car, and features Roger singing the vocals to the camera throughout, and participating in a car race.
Filmed in Malibu, California, and based on the James Dean film 'Rebel Without A Cause'.
Available on the DVD in 'The Lot' only.

Sunny Day

Unknown director.
This video features Roger standing still on a rooftop, singing the song, with footage of skies, Roger's handwritten lyrics animated on screen, and various floating coloured images.
Officially unreleased.


Directed by Rudi Dolezal and Hannes Rossacher.
This features footage of Roger's live performance of the track from the Cyberbarn concert, intercut with clips of Treanna Morris singing to the camera in black and white. It uses the radio version of the track and was produced in February 1999.
Available on the DVD in 'The Lot' only, while an edit of the live performance is available on the enhanced CD single.

The Unblinking Eye

Produced by Wills Spencer.
This video features footage of Roger performing the track in the studio, singing, and playing the guitar, piano, and drums. It also features clips to illustrate some of the points in the song, such as out of order signs, the high street, keep-out signs, and graves. The studio footage was recorded in two hours in November 2009, while the outside footage was filmed in Guildford.
Available on the CD single, and on the DVD in 'The Lot' only.