Other Queen Groups


This page is a brief guide to the various groups, apart from Queen, that band members have been part of over the years.

Lyrics and details of all released songs, and some unreleased ones, can be found on the Pre-Queen Songs page, while details of various acetates and singles can be found in the discography.

Map Showing The Formation Of Queen

Groups featuring Roger Taylor
Groups featuring Brian May
Groups featuring Freddie Mercury
Groups featuring John Deacon

Map showing the formation of Queen

This map (or flowchart) shows how Queen were formed from the numerous pre-Queen bands, including 1984, Smile, The Reaction, Ibex and The Opposition. The chart was originally published in the Spring 2004 edition of the Official International Queen Fan Club Magazine, and was compiled by Paul Webb. I have reproduced the chart, but have made some small modifications, as some other sources suggest alternate dates or group members.

To view this chart, please use one of the two links below:
Pre-Queen Map - Microsoft Word (48 KB)
Pre-Queen Map - GIF Image (231 KB).

Groups Featuring Roger Taylor

Groups Featuring Brian May

Groups Featuring Freddie Mercury

Groups Featuring John Deacon