Brian May Albums Discography

Starfleet Project
Star Licks Master Series
Back To The Light
Live At The Brixton Academy
Taste Of Another World (promo only)
Another World
Retro Rock Special
Red Special

Albums recorded with Kerry Ellis are included on the Brian May & Kerry Ellis discography page.


Starfleet Project

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#35, 31 October 1983. Released in the UK, USA, Japan, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.
This album is only available on CD on the two 'Back To The Light' singles from 1993 and the Japanese 'Resurrection' EP.

Brian May 'Starfleet Project'Brian May 'Starfleet Project'

A1. Starfleet
A2. Let Me Out
B1. Blues Breaker

UK LP (SFLT 1078061) (with inner sleeve)
UK Cassette (unknown)

Star Licks Master Series

1983. Released in the UK only, and also released as a video.
Brian May 'Star Licks Master Series'Brian May 'Star Licks Master Series' Similar content to the video, with Brian talking about his equipment and technique and playing many of his guitar solos.

UK Cassette (unknown catalogue)

Back To The Light

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#6, 21 September 1992. Released in the UK, USA, Japan, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, South Korea, Australia and Argentina.
The Japanese CD includes the guitar versions of 'Just One Life' and 'Too Much Love Will Kill You' as bonus tracks. It was re-released in 2006 after the title track was used during coverage of the Formula 1 season. The original US release was on 2 February 1993, in different artwork, featuring the photograph used for the UK single release of the title track.
The album was reissued on 6 August 2021 on various formats, and as a boxed set, and reached no. 7 in the UK chart.

Brian May 'Back To The Light'Brian May 'Back To The Light' Brian May 'Back To The Light'Brian May 'Back To The Light'

01/A1. The Dark
02/A2. Back To The Light
03/A3. Love Token
04/A4. Resurrection
05/A5. Too Much Love Will Kill You
06/A6. Driven By You
07/B1. Nothin' But Blue
08/B2. I'm Scared
09/B3. Last Horizon
10/B4. Let Your Heart Rule Your Head
11/B5. Just One Life
12/B6. Rollin' Over

UK LP Normal Sleeve (PCSD 123) (with inner sleeve)
UK LP Textured Sleeve (PCSD 123) (with inner sleeve)
UK Normal CD (CDPCSD 123)
UK Gold 'Tour' CD (CDPCSDX 123)
UK Cassette (TCPCSD 123)
UK 2021 Single Disc CD (602435789507)
UK 2021 LP Picture Disc in Die-Cut Sleeve (602435789361)
UK 2021 LP (602435726564)
UK 2021 Cassette (602438480265)

As above, but adds a bonus disc of alternate versions called 'Out Of The Light':
01. Nothin' But Blue (guitar version)
02. Too Much Love Will Kill You (guitar version)
03. Just One Life (guitar version)
04. Driven By You Two
05. Driven By You (Ford Ad version)
06. Tie Your Mother Down (live on the 'Tonight Show', Los Angeles, 1993)
07. Too Much Love Will Kill You (live at the Palace Theater, Los Angeles, 1993)
08. '39/Let Your Heart Rule Your Head (live at the Brixton Academy, London, 1993)
09. Last Horizon (live at the Brixton Academy, London, 1993)
10. We Will Rock You (live at the Brixton Academy, London, 1993)
11. Driven by You (Cozy and Neil Version '93 AKA New Version)

UK 2021 Deluxe Double Disc CD (602435789217)

Live At The Brixton Academy

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#20, 7 February 1994. Released in the UK, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, and Russia, and also released as a video.
On the LP release, 'Now I'm Here' is moved to after 'Resurrection', as the first track on side 4.

Brian May 'Live At The Brixton Academy'Brian May 'Live At The Brixton Academy'

01/A1. The Dark / Back To The Light
02/A2. Driven By You
03/A3. Tie Your Mother Down
04/B1. Love Token
05/B2. Headlong
06/B3. Love Of My Life
07/B4. '39 / Let Your Heart Rule Your Head
08/B5. Too Much Love Will Kill You
09/C1. Since You've Been Gone
10/D1. Now I'm Here
11/C2. Guitar Extravagance
12/C3. Resurrection
13/D2. Last Horizon
14/D3. We Will Rock You
15/D4. Hammer To Fall

UK Double LP (PCSD 150) (Gatefold sleeve, with inner sleeves, and slightly re-ordered tracklisting)
UK Cassette (TCPCSD 150) (tracks 1-9 are on side 1, tracks 10-15 on side 2)

Taste Of Another World

Promo only, 1998. Issued in the UK only to promote the 'Another World' album.
Brian May 'Taste Of Another World' 01. The Business (Rock On Cozy Mix)
02. China Belle
03. Cyborg
04. On My Way Up
05. The Guv'nor
06. Slow Down
07. All The Way From Memphis

UK Promo CD (ROCK 001)

Another World

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#23, 1 June 1998. Released in the UK, USA, Japan and probably the Netherlands.
The track 'Being On My Own' is a hidden bonus track on the UK CD as part of 'Another World', and possibly appears on the UK LP and cassette, while the Japanese CD includes 'FBI' and 'Hot Patootie' as bonus tracks.
A promotional boxed set was also issued in the UK which features a CD, video EPK, press release and photographs.

Brian May 'Another World'Brian May 'Another World'
Brian May 'Another World'Brian May 'Another World'
Brian May 'Another World'Brian May 'Another World'

01/A1. Space
02/A2. The Business
03/A3. China Belle
04/A4. Why Don't We Try Again?
05/A5. On My Way Up
06/A6. Cyborg
07/B1. The Guv'nor
08/B2. The Wilderness
09/B3. Slow Down
10/B4. One Rainy Wish
11/B5. All The Way From Memphis
12/B6. Another World
--/B7. Being On My Own

UK LP Picture Disc (4949731) (with inner sleeve)
UK CD (4949732)
UK Cassette (unknown)

Retro Rock Special

1998. Available in the USA as a send away offer with copies of the album, and also for sale on the European 'Another World' tour.

Brian May 'Retro Rock Special'Brian May 'Retro Rock Special'

01. Hot Patootie
02. Maybe Baby
03. FBI
04. Only Make Believe

USA CD (PRCD 108372)

Red Special

28 October 1998. Released in Japan only, to coincide with the tour.

Brian May 'Red Special'Brian May 'Red Special'

01. On My Way Up (live version)
02. Why Don't We Try Again (album version)
03. Maybe Baby
04. The Business (titled 'USA Radio Mix Uncut' but actually the 'Rock On Cozy Mix')
05. Another World (album version)
06. Only Make Believe
07. Hammer To Fall (live version)
08. Brian Talks

Japanese CD (TOCP 50707)


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20 November 2000. Released in the UK, France, and possibly other unknown countries.

Brian May 'Furia'Brian May 'Furia'

01. Furia Theme (Opening Titles)
02. First Glance (Solo Flute)
03. Landscape
04. Tango: 'Cuesta Abajo'
05. The Meeting (Solo Guitar)
06. First Kiss
07. Storm
08. Phone
09. Pursuit
10. Diner
11. Apparition
12. Arrest
13. Father And Son
14. Aaron
15. Fire
16. Gun (Solo Violin)
17. Reggae: 'Bird In Hand'
18. Killing
19. Escape
20. Go On
21. Dream Of Thee
22. Alternative Gun

UK CD (5285852)