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Queen 'Queen The Eye' The Theatre Domain Queen 'Queen The Eye' The Theatre Domain

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  1. Collect a Health Pack from up the stairs on the right. Open the double doors to enter the Theatre, and Mr Mestopholies will cast a spell which takes you down to the crypt.
  2. Enter the Props room and collect the Janus Head Key. Defeat the two zombies who attack you and then find the Sawn Lady boxes, located in the central area of the crypt.
  3. Collect the drumstick from the top of one of the boxes, then collect a fuse which lies on a table to the edge of the room. In the centre of the Crypt there are four levers on the floor. Push any one of these and then kill the ghost who appears.
    (Saved game 1 in the download file)
  4. Now pull the four levers in the following order, which causes a clip of 'A Kind Of Magic' to be played.
    Lit Lever near Circle / Unlit Lever near Triangle / Lit Lever near Triangle / Unlit Lever near Circle
  5. Go to the box in the centre of the crypt and try to use it, then walk to the teleporter, collect the Cherub Plate and enter the teleporter to the Auditorium.
  6. Collect the Health Pack which lies to the right of the teleporter, and talk to Mr. Fahrenheit. Go to the nearest Dressing Room.
  7. Collect the hammer which lies on the floor near the lights, and place the Janus Head on the stand on the right of the room.
  8. Now pull the right hand lever in front of the doors until the Black face faces right, then pull the left lever.
  9. Collect the Prism from the open alcove on the left of the room. Avoid the spiders, use the hammer on the door, and leave the room.
  10. Walk down the Auditorium and talk to the Sawn lady on the right hand wall. Continue walking and find the Gravestone on the opposite wall.
  11. Use the hammer on the gravestone and collect the Skull. Continue down the Auditorium and enter the second Dressing Room.
    (Saved game 2 in the download file)
  12. Avoid the Snakeman and run to the mirror at the back of the room. Use the Prism here and turn it so that the Coloured Line is horizontal. A clip of 'A Kind Of Magic' is now played.
  13. Collect the Eagle Talon from on the dressing cabinet next to the chair, and use it to kill the Snakeman.
  14. Climb onto the Snakeman's tipped-over basket and wait for the magic strikes to finish. Now, collect the Piano Roll from the alcove at the back of the room, and the Cog from on top of the cabinets to the left of the room, before leaving.
    (Saved game 3 in the download file)
  15. Take the first set of steps on the left, and collect the Health Pack from the seating area before running back down. Keep moving or Mestopholies will attack you with his magic.
  16. At the bottom of the stairs, take the door on the right which leads to the stage, carry on running down the aisle and into the main foyer.
  17. Place the Cherub Plate on the blank side of the pillar, and collect Leroy's hat.
  18. Place the Skull on the Skeleton and collect the Pole which the Skeleton drops, then defeat the Demon who attacks you.
  19. Open any of the two ground doors by using the Pole and defeat the Skeletons who appear. The best tactic is to kick them whilst not holding a weapon.
  20. Collect the Fuse and Lens from the corridors, then use the corridor on the Ticket Office side to gain access to the theatre.
  21. Continue running through the seats until you reach backstage where there is a rope lift. Step on the lift to be taken to the Fly Floor.
    (Saved game 4 in the download file)
  22. Kill the first zombie by hitting him or pushing him off. Continue along to the second zombie, kill him but do not push him off. Collect his Juggling Club and also the fuse.
  23. Place the lens on the spotlight, then pull the lever and return via the lift to the ground floor level.
  24. Return to the Auditorium and give the Juggler's Club to Mr. Fahrenheit, before entering the teleporter. Place the Hat on Leroy's box in the centre of the room, and collect the Song Book.
  25. Place the Cog on the bare peg on the Lift mechanism, then pull the lever so that Leroy ascends to the stage. Return to the Auditorium via the Teleporter.
    (Saved game 5 in the download file)
  26. Go to the Theatre (as in step 15), but this time go down into the Orchestra Pit which lies in front of the stage. Place the Piano Roll on the Piano, the Song Book on the music stand and the Drum Stick on the Drums.
  27. Run back toward the Auditorium but take the stairs up to the Balcony seats, and run around to the fuseboxes at the front of the theatre above the Foyer doors. Place the three fuses in the fusebox.
    (Saved game 6 in the download file)
  28. Pull the lever and the domain is complete.

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Saved Game Downloads

Included here is a set of six saved games which can be copied to your 'Queen: The Eye' directory and used in the game. The procedure to follow is:

  1. Backup your old saved games, by going to the Eye 'Savegame' folder, and renaming all files by adding a letter to the extension (so that Savegame.1 becomes Savegame.1n for example)
  2. Download the zip file below, and then unzip it
  3. Copy the files to the above 'Savegame' folder

Click here to download the zip file (337 KB).