Queen: The Eye - The Innuendo Domain

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Queen 'Queen The Eye' The Innuendo Domain Queen 'Queen The Eye' The Innuendo Domain

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  1. Walk backwards and collect the Health Pack which lies next to a tree. Re-enter the main circle and walk left to enter Margaritte's Tent, talk to her, and leave.
  2. Collect the Health Pack from behind the Merry-Go-Round, then continue walking and talk to the woman in the tank. Continue walking, and talk to Kazan.
  3. Collect the Lead Block from behind the Organ Grinder, and talk to Kazan again. She should give you a Crystal.
  4. Now proceed to the Archery Stall and collect the Crossbow and Arrows. Watch the order that the targets move, then fire arrows in the same order.
  5. Collect the throwing balls, then collect the Health Pack that is beside the stall on the right.
    (Saved game 1 in the download file)
  6. Now go to the Iron Man and hit him three times with a Flying Kick. Collect the Death Mask, and defeat him two more times to collect the Anvil and Lyre. The Lyre should now be given to Kazan, in exchange for a Gold Block, while the Death Mask and Anvil can be ignored.
  7. Go to the Cranium Cracker, stand at the Cross and select the Throwing Balls. Watch the head's pattern and hit each skull twice, then collect the Crystal Ball from the back.
  8. Next go to the 'Guess The Weight Of The Bearded Cockroach' stall and place the Gold Block on the scales, before collecting the Cockroach Husk.
    (Saved game 2 in the download file)
  9. Go to the Elephant and give it the Cockroach. This lets you collect the Thorn Sword from it's foot.
  10. Now enter Margaritte's Tent, give her the Crystal Ball and watch the 'I'm Going Slightly Mad' video.
  11. Leave the tent, select the Thorn Sword, and defeat Montgolfier. Collect the Golden Arrow from it's stand.
    (Saved game 3 in the download file)
  12. Go to the Archery Stall and use the Golden Arrow. Collect the Bear and take it to the Iron Man.
  13. Pick up the Broken Weight, then use it to complete the Strongman test. Collect the Hammer and Fish from the table.
  14. Go to the woman in the fish tank and give her the Fish, then collect the Power Sign that she throws out.
  15. Defeat the Clown and collect the Riding Crop, then go to the Merry Go Round and use the crop to stop the horses, allowing you to collect the Book Of Destiny from the centre.
    (Saved game 4 in the download file)
  16. Go to Margaritte's tent and give her the Book Of Destiny. Collect the Box Of Rain, and use this on Mr. Electro. This allows the third part of the Juggler Key to be collected. You can now show this to the Ringmaster to gain access to the Big Top.
  17. Once inside the Big Top, collect the four Elements from the four small outer circles, and then stand in front of the four numbered plates in the central circle, next to Kazan and the Ring Master.
    (Saved game 5 in the download file)
  18. Place the Water Element on the first plate, followed by Earth, Air and Fire.
  19. Defeat the Ringmaster, this will release Kazan.
  20. Go to the small Juggler stand which is in the circle opposite the large Juggler door.
    (Saved game 6 in the download file)
  21. Place the Juggler Key on the stand. This reveals Death On Two Legs, who kills Kazan and runs to the large Juggler door. Follow Death On Two Legs through the door and into the Final Domain.

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Saved Game Downloads

Included here is a set of six saved games which can be copied to your 'Queen: The Eye' directory and used in the game. The procedure to follow is:

  1. Backup your old saved games, by going to the Eye 'Savegame' folder, and renaming all files by adding a letter to the extension (so that Savegame.1 becomes Savegame.1n for example)
  2. Download the zip file below, and then unzip it
  3. Copy the files to the above 'Savegame' folder

Click here to download the zip file (408 KB).