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  1. Collect the Flint Pack in the Plaza. Now go to the ballroom, and talk to the Baroness who gives you a Crossbow.
  2. Run to the left hand side of the room and pull the lever to open a secret door. Return to the Plaza and break up the fight by killing Cosimo.
  3. Now talk to Kepler, then collect the mirror (which Prince Aligheri drops) on your way to the ballroom. If the fighters in the Ballroom defeat you, you are sent to the jail. You can escape from here by finding a loose railing on a cage and then using it on the door.
  4. In the ballroom, leave by the secret door on the left, and hit the white plaque at one end of the sewer. Run to the other end of the sewer and leave via the steps.
  5. Pull the levers to arrange the pattern to gain access to the professors tower - the right hand wheels make a 'C' shape, the left hand wheels are symmetrically opposite.
  6. Enter the teleporter, talk to the professor and give him the thoughtstone, before leaving the tower to the plaza.
    (Saved game 1 in the download file)
  7. Head towards the Crystal Palace, and collect the Hammer which is on the floor to the right, and the Health Pack and Quiver which are on an island to the left.
  8. Enter the Crystal Palace, and talk to Kazan who is toward the right of the palace. Head to the opposite end to collect the Broadsword.
  9. Now head up the stairs to collect a Health Pack and Flintlock. Exit to the plaza and give Kepler the New thoughtstone
  10. Go towards the museum and select the mirror by the bridge. Collect the Health Pack to the right of the museum and then enter.
  11. Collect the Film Reel (towards the left), the Health Pack and Axe (from in front of the stairs).
  12. Go to the right side of the museum and place the Film Reel on the projector. This activates the toys which should be defeated.
  13. Collect the key from the back of the black and white doll and use this on the projector, which shows a clip of the 'Radio Ga Ga' video.
  14. Now go up the stairs to the clock and use the levers to set the time to 3.40, which opens a secret door which should be used to enter the library.
    (Saved game 2 in the download file)
  15. Collect the Scythe which hangs in the left wing, the Scimitar in the right wing, and collect the Gem from the back.
  16. Now defeat the Sentinel and leave the library and museum. Kill the two guards in the plaza and go to the Professor's tower.
    (Saved game 3 in the download file)
  17. Give the Gem to the Professor, which activates a clip of 'It's A Hard Life'. Leave the Tower and enter the Crystal Palace.
  18. At the back of the Palace, a Tarot Slab lies on the floor. Place the Scythe in the black hole and then collect the Scroll from this hole.
  19. Next find Kazan by following the left wall, and give her the scroll - she gives you a moonstone in return. Exit to the plaza.
  20. Place the Moonstone at the plinth marked 'I' and then enter the sewer. Go back to the plaque at one end and hit it, shattering it. This reveals a clue to the Astrolabe puzzle.
  21. Return to the plaza and press the buttons in the following order - 'XIII'. This opens the Astrolabe which allows you to collect the Heart from the centre, by using the steps nearest the ballroom. Now enter the ballroom.
    (Saved game 4 in the download file)
  22. Prince Aligheri now challenges you to a duel. Either kill him or let him go, before running up the stairs at the back and entering the corridor to the bedroom. Place the Heart in the slot at the back and enter the bedroom.
  23. Collect the Guitar from beside the bed and quickly run to the other side of the bed and walk through the mirror. This teleports you to the upper balcony in the Crystal Palace.
    (Saved game 5 in the download file)
  24. Fight the Baroness (the Crossbow and Flintlock are most effective) and then walk to the Guitar Slot in the centre of the Palace.
    (Saved game 6 in the download file)
  25. Place the Guitar in the slot and the domain is completed.

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Saved Game Downloads

Included here is a set of six saved games which can be copied to your 'Queen: The Eye' directory and used in the game. The procedure to follow is:

  1. Backup your old saved games, by going to the Eye 'Savegame' folder, and renaming all files by adding a letter to the extension (so that Savegame.1 becomes Savegame.1n for example)
  2. Download the zip file below, and then unzip it
  3. Copy the files to the above 'Savegame' folder

Click here to download the zip file (421 KB).