Queen: The Eye - The Final Domain

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Queen 'Queen The Eye' The Final Domain Queen 'Queen The Eye' The Final Domain

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  1. Run quickly down the corridor and follow the left hand (lower) path. Eventually you reach a Health Pack which you should collect, and then enter the teleporter beside it. This teleports you to the upper path.
  2. Continue down this path and avoid the first mine. Continue to detonate and avoid the second mine, then double back to collect the Insulated Stick.
  3. Continue following either the upper or lower path until you climb up or down and meet the Homing Droid.
  4. Select the Insulated Stick and use this to kill the Homing Droid, be careful as this explodes when defeated.
    (Saved game 1 in the download file)
  5. Continue along and enter the teleporter. This teleports you to another platform.
  6. Walk forwards and jump the gap, avoid the mine, and then fall down to the lower platform. Now proceed to the right and avoid the broken tiles until you reach the Generator.
  7. Death On Two Legs will cause an electrical barrier which prevents you from leaving the area. Quickly defeat the Electrical Droid using the Insulated Stick and avoiding the electrical floor pulses.
  8. The floor pulses light up adjacently, two at a time. This pattern means you can easily avoid them, so run around the centre to detonate the mines. Once this is complete, go to the centre of the Generator and hit each lit panel twice, until the lights go out. Repeat this for the four sides of the Generator and you can now leave the area.
  9. Proceed onto the raised platform and enter the teleporter. You are now in a teleporter maze, and the correct path to follow is:
    Front-Left, punch the pad, Rear, Front-Left, Front, collect the Health Pack, Rear.
  10. You now appear on another platform. Run forwards and jump to avoid the Compactor.
    (Saved game 2 in the download file)
  11. You now appear in the Robotic Puzzle Challenge. On the right is the correct block arrangement, on the left is the current block arrangement. In this section, the Robot arm rises and then strikes out. If you move when the arm is fully raised you can easily avoid it. Quickly run around to detonate the four mines. Now, with the correct solution on your right, hit the front right panel three times. Run anticlockwise and hit the next panel three times. Doing this twice more should complete the puzzle.
  12. Now go up the stairs, avoid the mines and the electrical pulse, and take the higher path. Avoid the spikes and collect the health pack, then double back and take the lower path toward the front of the screen.
  13. Continue down the path, avoiding the mines, and then climb the wall.
  14. Now stand about one and a half tiles from the edge and jump three times, avoiding the blade. Now avoid the mines, and jump to the next platform where you must defeat a Doppelganger.
  15. Once defeated, climb the wall, avoid the broken tiles, and jump to the platform by Death On Two Legs.
  16. After the film clip, you appear on a long platform.
    (Saved game 3 in the download file)
  17. Run to the end of the long platform, and jump down to the first platform.
  18. Defeat The Baroness and enter the central teleporter.
  19. Defeat Mr Mestopholies.
    (Saved game 4 in the download file)
  20. Enter the teleporter, and defeat The Ringmaster.
    (Saved game 5 in the download file)
  21. Enter the teleporter, and defeat Death On Two Legs in the final battle.
    (Saved game 6 in the download file)
  22. Enter the central teleporter to complete the domain and the game.

Object Guide


Health Packs

Saved Game Downloads

Included here is a set of six saved games which can be copied to your 'Queen: The Eye' directory and used in the game. The procedure to follow is:

  1. Backup your old saved games, by going to the Eye 'Savegame' folder, and renaming all files by adding a letter to the extension (so that Savegame.1 becomes Savegame.1n for example)
  2. Download the zip file below, and then unzip it
  3. Copy the files to the above 'Savegame' folder

Click here to download the zip file (383 KB).