Queen: The Eye - The Arena Domain

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Queen 'Queen The Eye' The Arena Domain Queen 'Queen The Eye' The Arena Domain

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  1. At the start, run left and you eventually reach an alcove. Run past the mine to detonate it, then collect the knife and press the button.
  2. Run back where you came and collect the Pistol Clips before climbing the stairs and entering the maze.
  3. Take the first exit and collect the Pistol lying on the floor. Follow the route around and out of the maze and collect the Katana that lies on the floor in a corner.
  4. Continue around and walk into the green tower entrance on the floor. You are transported to the top of the tower where you must face a guard. Simply kicking the guard seems to work best.
  5. Once the guard is defeated, collect the Bazooka and Shotgun clip. Leave the tower via the teleport and continue around, up the steps and towards the knives.
  6. Run past the knives to collect the Chakti at the end, then retrace your steps back to the maze.
  7. Take the second maze exit, which spirals round past a mine. Collect the Lodestone and the Rockets before taking the final maze exit, up the steps, and jump the bridge.
    (Saved game 1 in the download file)
  8. Select the bazooka from your inventory, and walk onto the platform to shoot the gun on your right. Collect the Pistol Clip from the platform and head down the stairs.
  9. Next, run to the left and dodge the guns, before running through the exit. Be careful to avoid the gun on the other side of the door.
  10. Now descend the stairs, kill the two guards, and fight the first watcher, Angel. When she is defeated, collect her Lodestone, and more guards should appear.
  11. At the back of the room there is a Health pack on the floor and a button on a column, which reveals the exit from this room.
    (Saved game 2 in the download file)
  12. Walk through the newly opened door, and at the top of the stairs you face Ninja. When his health reaches a certain level, he splits into two. The ghost which is created cannot be injured, but eventually he will turn solid black and can be damaged. A useful tactic is to run up the stairs and around the platform so that the ninjas follow you. Dropping off the platform can result in one of the ninjas getting stuck, allowing them to be defeated much easier.
  13. In the corner between the entrance and the Teleporter there is a Rifle on a box, a button on the wall which should be pressed, and Shotgun Ammo. In the centre of the room is Ninja's Lodestone, and more Shotgun Ammo.
    (Saved game 3 in the download file)
  14. Climb the stairs to the platform and walk through the door. Drop down the ledge near the bridge and walk left to the Cage area.
  15. Collect the Health pack to the left of the room, press the button, and collect the Jo (stick) on the floor. Go to the right side of the room and fight the Insectoid.
  16. When defeated, collect his Lodestone. Go to where the guns were firing, and press the lever at the far end.
  17. Return to the cage room and use the exit on the other side. Use the Bazooka to shoot the gun in the distance.
  18. Run down the corridor, avoiding the flame traps. Get the Shotgun and walk down the steps on the left. Collect the Pistol Clip and press the button.
    (Saved game 4 in the download file)
  19. Leave the alcove by walking forwards and cross the swamp via the bridge. Defeat Skeletal using the Shotgun and collect his Lodestone.
  20. Walk towards the steps and collect the health pack. Standing at the top of the steps, shoot the gun in the distance using the bazooka.
  21. Run to the end of the passage, collect the Rockets and pull the lever. Climb the stairs.
  22. Select the Bazooka and use this to shoot Cyborg about five times until his arm is disabled. Now use the Rifle to kill him, and collect the Health pack, Shotgun Clip and Rockets that are scattered around his platform.
  23. Climb the stairs and return to the Ninja Room. Go to the back of the room and enter the teleporter.
    (Saved game 5 in the download file)
  24. Walk forwards and climb the steps onto the Catwalk. Traverse the catwalk, avoiding the electric plates, blades and plasma ball. Eventually you reach Cyborg's platform where the Lodestone can be collected. Press the button, drop off the platform and go back up the stairs.
  25. At the top of the steps there is a small platform, from where three round platforms can be found. Jump from tower to tower, avoiding the electrical pulses, and onto the rock to talk to Tycho and collect the Chakta. Return back to the platform.
  26. Use the exit to Ninja's room, then use the second door to reach the central Lift Dias area. Place the six Lodestones in their slots and stand in the middle raised area. You will now ascend inside the spike to the final watcher, Blade.
  27. All your guns will have disappeared and the best way to defeat Blade is to push him off the platform by hitting him repeatedly with the Katana.
    (Saved game 6 in the download file)
  28. Finally, select the Chakta and the domain is complete.

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Saved Game Downloads

Included here is a set of six saved games which can be copied to your 'Queen: The Eye' directory and used in the game. The procedure to follow is:

  1. Backup your old saved games, by going to the Eye 'Savegame' folder, and renaming all files by adding a letter to the extension (so that Savegame.1 becomes Savegame.1n for example)
  2. Download the zip file below, and then unzip it
  3. Copy the files to the above 'Savegame' folder

Click here to download the zip file (401 KB).