Star Licks Master Series

(later retitled 'Brian May Master Session')

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Brian May 'Star Licks Master Series' original sleeve Brian May 'Brian May Master Session' reissue sleeve

Originally released in 1983 and later reissued in 1993/4.
Length 39 minutes.

Produced and directed by Mark Freed and Robert Decker
Recorded at Sarm West, London, England

In this video, Brian discusses his equipment and techniques, and demonstrates using a number of his guitar solos. The video comes with a booklet containing the guitar tablatures for each solo, and the content is as follows:

Most of the solos are only very short, so are not included on the songs pages. The only exception is 'Love Of My Life'.

The video was uploaded, in it's entirety, to Brian's Official Youtube Channel in May 2015, while the various solos were also uploaded individually.