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#TitleArtistWriterRelease StatusLength
1(Marie's The Name) His Latest FlameBrian MayOtherUnreleased2:58
2AaronBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album0:47
3All The Way From MemphisBrian MayOtherStudio Album5:16
4Alternative GunBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album1:31
5Amazing GraceBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album2:47
6Another WorldBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album4:04
7AnthemBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album3:15
8ApacheBrian MayOtherOther1:09
9ApparitionBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album1:36
10ArrestBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album1:28
11Back To The LightBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album4:59
12Being On My OwnBrian MayBrian MayCD Bonus Track2:23
13Blues BreakerBrian MayImprovisationsStudio Album12:50
14Born FreeBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album3:11
15Brian May & Roger Taylor Interview, Milton Keynes 1982Brian May, Roger TaylorOtherInterview4:25
16Brian May & Roger Taylor Interview, Munich 1982Brian May, Roger TaylorOtherInterview10:21
17Brian May 'Desert Island Discs' Interview 2002Brian MayOtherInterview41:47
18Brian TalksBrian MayBrian MayNon-Album Track1:13
19Brighton Rock SoloQueen, Brian MayBrian MayLive Only Track9:01
20C'mon BabyBrian MayOtherLive Only Track1:15
21Can't Help Falling In LoveBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album3:10
22China BelleBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album3:59
23Come To Your SensesBrian MayBrian MayUnreleasedUnknown
24Cozy Powell Drum SoloBrian MayOtherLive Only Track3:08
25CyborgBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album3:53
26DangerlandBrian May & Kerry EllisBrian MayStudio Album5:58
27Defying GravityBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album4:16
28Diamonds Are ForeverBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album3:04
29DinerBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album1:18
30Dream Of TheeBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album4:15
31Driven By YouBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album, Compilation4:10
32Driven By You (Ford Ad Version)Brian MayBrian MayNon-Album Track1:30
33Driven By You TwoBrian MayBrian MayNon-Album Track1:30
34Dust In The WindBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherLive Only Track3:41
35Enhanced Multimedia SectionBrian MayBrian MayNon-Album Track4:20
36EscapeBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album1:50
37FBIBrian MayOtherNon-Album Track3:10
38Father And SonBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album1:33
39FireBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album0:55
40First Glance (Solo Flute)Brian MayBrian MayStudio Album1:35
41First KissBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album2:03
42Fun At The Funeral ParlourBrian MayBrian MayNon-Album Track0:35
43Furia Theme (Opening Titles)Brian MayBrian MayStudio Album4:40
44Go OnBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album2:20
45God (The Dream Is Over)Brian MayBrian MayLive Only Track5:07
46God Save The Queen (2002 Live Reworking)Brian MayBrian MayLive Only Track1:55
47Golden DaysBrian May & Kerry EllisBrian MayStudio Album4:21
48Guitar ExtravaganceBrian MayBrian MayLive Only Track6:06
49Guitar SolosQueen, Brian MayBrian MayLive Only Track9:01
50Gun (Solo Violin)Brian MayBrian MayStudio Album1:54
51Hot Patootie (Whatever Happened To A Saturday Night)Brian MayOtherNon-Album Track3:20
52I Can't Be Your FriendBrian May & Kerry EllisBrian MayStudio Album3:55
53I Don't Want Nobody (Teasing Around With Me)Brian MayOtherNon-Album Track3:49
54I Loved A ButterflyBrian May & Kerry EllisBrian MayStudio Album3:09
55I Who Have NothingBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album4:07
56I'm Not That GirlBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album3:47
57I'm ScaredBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album3:59
58If I Loved YouBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album3:32
59Il ColossoBrian MayBrian MayNon-Album Track7:35
60In The Bleak MidwinterBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherLive Only Track3:07
61Is This The World We Created? (live)Collaborations (Brian May & Andrea Corr)Brian May, Freddie MercuryOther2:18
62It's Gonna Be All Right (The Panic Attack Song)Brian May & Kerry EllisBrian MayStudio Album3:43
63Just One LifeBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album3:35
64KillingBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album1:13
65LandscapeBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album1:13
66Last HorizonBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album4:07
67Let Me OutBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album7:11
68Let Your Heart Rule Your HeadBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album3:48
69Love In A RainbowBrian May & Kerry EllisBrian May & Kerry EllisStudio Album4:28
70Love It When You CallBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album3:34
71Love TokenBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album5:54
72MacbethBrian MayBrian MayUnreleasedUnknown
73Maybe BabyBrian MayOtherNon-Album Track2:12
74Moody KeyboardsBrian MayBrian MayUnreleased5:37
75My BoyBrian MayBrian MayNon-Album Track2:00
76Nothin' But BlueBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album3:30
77Nothing Really Has ChangedBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherLive Only Track3:37
78Olympic ThemeBrian MayBrian MayUnreleased3:30
79On My Way UpBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album2:56
80One Night In HellBrian MayBrian MayOther2:01
81One Rainy WishBrian MayOtherStudio Album4:04
82One VoiceBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album3:20
83Only Make BelieveBrian MayOtherNon-Album Track2:38
84Otro LugarBrian MayBrian MayNon-Album Track4:06
85Parisienne WalkwaysBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album3:42
86PhoneBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album1:07
87PursuitBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album3:44
88Reggae: 'Bird In Hand'Brian MayOtherStudio Album3:30
89ResurrectionBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album5:28
90Roll With YouBrian May & Kerry EllisBrian May & Kerry EllisStudio Album3:54
91Rollin' OverBrian MayOtherStudio Album4:36
92Save MeBrian May & Kerry EllisBrian MayStudio Album3:58
93Save The Badger Badger BadgerBrian MayBrian MayOther1:08
94SideburnsBrian MayBrian MayNon-Album Track1:06
95Since You've Been GoneBrian MayOtherLive Only Track3:35
96Sleepy BluesBrian MayBrian MayUnreleased5:23
97Slow DownBrian MayOtherStudio Album4:16
98SomethingBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherLive Only Track3:36
99Son Of StarfleetBrian MayBrian MayNon-Album Track4:19
100SpaceBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album0:47
101Spike Edney Keyboard SoloBrian MayOtherLive Only Track3:08
102StarfleetBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album7:59
103StormBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album2:19
104Story Of A HeartBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album4:21
105Tango: 'Cuesta Abajo'Brian MayOtherStudio Album3:00
106The Alps Guitar SoloBrian MayBrian MayNon-Album TrackUnknown
107The Amazing Spider-ManBrian MayBrian MayNon-Album Track4:12
108The BusinessBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album5:07
109The DarkBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album2:20
110The Fire WithinBrian MayBrian MayUnreleased8:51
111The Green ParadeBrian MayBrian MayUnreleasedUnknown
112The Guv'norBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album4:09
113The Kissing Me SongBrian May & Kerry EllisBrian May & Kerry EllisStudio Album3:43
114The Meeting (Solo Guitar)Brian MayBrian MayStudio Album1:34
115The StretchBrian MayBrian MayNon-Album Track1:04
116The Way We WereBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherOther2:58
117The WildernessBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album4:51
118Too Much Love Will Kill YouBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album4:26
119Two SistersBrian MayBrian MayUnreleasedUnknown
120What Are We Made Of?Brian MayBrian MayNon-Album Track3:42
121Why Don't We Try AgainBrian MayBrian MayStudio Album5:22
122You Have To Be ThereBrian May & Kerry EllisOtherStudio Album4:27