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The Lot


The Lot

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11 November 2013. Released in the UK and other unknown countries.
Initial pressings of the boxed set featured a number of audio and textual errors, and some sets had missing or duplicate discs. As a result the boxed set was withdrawn and reissued on 9 December, with some (not all) of the errors fixed.
The set was released in North America on 11 November 2014.

Roger Taylor 'The Lot'Roger Taylor 'The Lot'

This is a set measuring 29.5cm x 24cm x 2.5cm, containing a 68 page book with a biography, albums and singles sleeves, handwritten lyrics and pictures, with additional space for each of the twelve CD's and DVD. The book is housed in an outer box.

01. Fun In Space (remastered studio album)
02. Strange Frontier (remastered studio album)
03. Shove It (remastered studio album)
04. Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know (remastered studio album)
05. Blue Rock (remastered studio album)
06. Happiness? (remastered studio album)
07. Electric Fire (remastered studio album)
08. Fun On Earth (studio album) (the CD version adds two bonus tracks)
09. Solo Singles 1 (compilation of worldwide singles and remixes)
10. Solo Singles 2 (compilation of worldwide singles and remixes)
11. The Cross Singles 1 (compilation of worldwide singles and remixes)
12. The Cross Singles 2 (compilation of worldwide singles, remixes and demos)
13. DVD (featuring promo videos, live tracks, interviews and electronic press kits)

UK 12 CD and 1 DVD Set (first pressing) (3753714)
UK 12 CD and 1 DVD Set (second pressing) (37568482)
Download (DVD content not included)