The Magic Years Volume Two

'Live Killers In The Making'

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Queen 'The Magic Years' volume 2

Released 30 November 1987
Length 58 minutes.

Directed by Rudi Dolezal and Hannes Rossacher.
Commentary written by Simon Witter, spoken by Stuart St. Paul.

This video is the second of a three volume documentary on the band. It concentrates on Queen's live career, featuring excerpts of many rare live tracks, however, most are heavily edited or only very short. This volume is not divided into sections, so I have divided it up appropriately, while rare footage is highlighted in red:

Japanese Tour, 1975

Hyde Park & Earl's Court Concerts

American Tour, 1977

After Show Parties & Queen Fans

The Group, The Red Special & Saturday Night Live

South America, 1981

'Under Pressure' and Milton Keynes, 1982

Queen On TV

Rock In Rio

End Credits