A Knight's Tale

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'A Knight's Tale'

Queen Involvement
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Written, produced and directed by Brian Helgeland
Produced by Tim Van Rellim & Todd Black
First released in 2001
Length 127 minutes

Filmed on location in the Czech Republic and at Barrandov Studios, Prague.

The film revolves around Medieval jousting tournaments, and the soundtrack features a number of classic rock tracks, including songs by Queen, David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Thin Lizzy and AC/DC, amongst others.

Queen Involvement

'A Knight's Tale' features two classic Queen tracks, one re-edited and one re-recorded.

We Will Rock You is featured at the start of the film (at 3:00), at the first jousting tournament. This track is similar to the album version, but has been re-edited to repeat a verse and chorus, and runs slightly faster. This version is only in the film, while the standard album version appears on the soundtrack album.

We Are The Champions is featured over the credits at the end of the film (at 2:03:25), and is a new version re-recorded with Robbie Williams. The version in the film is an edited version, with the full length version on the soundtrack album. Despite what the sleeve says, the music video on the DVD does not feature Queen.


William photograph Roland photograph Adhemar photograph

William Thatcher (Heath Ledger)
Roland (Mark Addy)
Count Adhemar (Rufus Sewell)

Jocelyn photograph Wat photograph Geoffrey photograph

Jocelyn (Shannyn Sossamon)
Wat (Alan Tudyk)
Geoffrey Chaucer (Paul Bettany)

Kate photograph Christiana photograph Colville photograph
Kate (Laura Fraser)
Christiana (Berenice Bejo)
Colville (James Purefoy)

John Thatcher photograph

John Thatcher (Christopher Cazenove)

Storyline & Chapters

The chapters below refer to the 2002 UK DVD release.
  1. Start
    Roland, Wat & William's knight, Sir Ector, dies shortly before a joust, so William decides to joust in his place. Start titles ('We Will Rock You').
  2. Sir Ector Rides Again
    William jousts Lord Phillip of Arragon and wins a golden feather, which they sell for 15 silver pieces. William challenges Roland & Wat that if they cannot take the money off him, he will joust again, lying about his nobility.
  3. Low Rider
    Roland and Wat train William as a jouster.
  4. Chaucer The Trudger
    William, Wat and Roland meet Geoffrey Chaucer, walking naked through the woods. Geoff will provide a Patent Of Nobility, in the name of Sir Ulric von Liechtenstein, in return for food and clothing.
  5. Foxy Lady
    William first sees Jocelyn and asks her name. He follows her into a church, where William, on horseback, is thrown out. Jocelyn is criticised by the priest for laughing and not weeping.
  6. Master Of 1000 Lances
    William wins his first joust.
  7. A Gambling Problem
    Geoff incurs a debt of 10 florins by gambling. William has the chance to see him executed or pay up, so agrees to pay to save Geoff.
  8. Sword On Foot
    William battles and wins in the swordfight.
  9. Takin' Care Of Business
    William wins more swordfights and jousts.
  10. Kate The Smithee
    William needs new armour, but has no money. He gets Kate, a blacksmith, to do it for free by insinuating she cannot do it being a woman.
  11. Count Adhemar
    Count Adhemar, the tournament favourite, is presented to Jocelyn. Adhemar taunts William about his armour in front of Jocelyn.
  12. Hark! The Herald Sings
    Geoff introduces William to the crowd.
  13. Ulric vs Colville
    William battles against Colville. Colville asks to withdraw through injury by drawing the joust. William wins the battle. Jocelyn sends a message to William via Christiana.
  14. Adhemar vs. Ulric
    William jousts against Count Adhemar. We see William as a boy wanting to be Knight. William loses the battle, but wins the prize for swordfighting. He gives his prize, a golden horse, to pay off Geoff's debts. Jocelyn asks Christiana to ask the colour of William's tunic for the dance.
  15. Dance Lessons
    Roland, Wat and Geoff attempt to teach William to dance. Kate agrees to teach them in exchange for a trip to Paris. At the banquet, William talks to Jocelyn.
  16. Golden Years
    Adhemar asks William to show a dance from his country, so William improvises. Kate produces a new set of armour for William, and Wat and Roland test it. William wins his first battle of the new tournament, but Adhemar withdraws his joust against Colville, as Colville is royalty.
  17. A Draw
    Geoff discovers that William's next opponent, Colville, is the future king of England in disguise, and who has never lost a joust. They joust and draw, and William reveals to Colville that he knew his true identity. William wins the tournament.
  18. My Dearest Jocelyn
    William writes a letter to Jocelyn, declaring his love, and Wat takes it to her. She 'sends' a kiss to William. Geoff bets some Frenchmen 50 Florins that William will win the next tournament.
  19. I Will Not Lose!
    William visits Jocelyn, she tells him that she must lose the tournament.
  20. Proving His Love
    William loses his first few matches, before Jocelyn sends a message via Christiana that he must now win all matches to prove his love. William wins the tournament, and they win the 50 Florins from the bet.
  21. Ulric's Prize
    Jocelyn presents herself to William as his prize for winning the tournament.
  22. 12 Years Earlier
    William, Roland, Kate, Wat & Geoff return to England. We see William as a boy with his father leaving England, taking him to Sir Ector. In London, William wins his first jousts of the new tournament.
  23. Word Of His Son
    William visits his now blind father in London. Adhemar follows William to his father's house.
  24. Pride & The Passion
    Geoff reveals that William will be arrested for lying about his nobility. William decides to hand himself over rather than run away. William is arrested.
  25. Under Arrest
    In prison, Adhemar visits William and beats him.
  26. Sir William
    William is put in the stocks. Colville lies to the crowd about William's nobility to rescue William from the crowd. Colville knights William Sir William. William progresses to the final of the tournament.
  27. He's Tipped It
    William faces Adhemar in the final of the tournament. Adhemar cheats by using a solid lance, badly wounding William. William continues in the joust and loses another lance. He must de-horse him to win the tournament, in front of his father and Jocelyn.
  28. Weighed, Measured & Wanting
    William defeats Adhemar by knocking him off the horse, to become the World Champion.

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