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This page outlines the plot of the musical, based on the complete script as found in the official book. The photographs are all taken from the musical programmes, flyers, or book, and are from the London production.

The We Will Rock You - Character Page also contains individual photographs of the seven lead parts.

'We Will Rock You' is a futuristic tale which tells of a massive corporation, Globalsoft, which sends computer generated music to all of the people on the planet. Singing, musical instruments, and any expression of creativity, are banned. But Lost Texts are known to exist which talk of music from years gone by. A group of rebels (the Bohemians) strive to discover the lost music, and bring down the corporation. The two heroes, Galileo and Scaramouche, discover musical instruments buried in rock, which they use to vaporise the head of the corporation (The Killer Queen), and send the Power Of Rock around the world to free the masses, enabling them to be musically creative once again.

Opening Track : 'Innuendo'

Act 1, Scene 1 : Pop's Archive

'We Will Rock You' musical act 1 scene 1

Pop is dictating his thoughts. He speaks about what he feels is his impending arrest, and about the demise of music and the rise of the Globalsoft corporation. Suddenly, Khashoggi enters and arrests him.

Act 1, Scene 2 : The Virtual High School

'We Will Rock You' musical act 1 scene 2

The Ga Ga Kids are singing 'Radio Ga Ga'. They are dressed identically and perform exactly the same dance. Galileo enters. He looks different to all of the other kids - a rebel. Galileo talks to the teacher, about how he wants to make music and how his name came to him in a dream. He speaks with lyrics from songs from yesteryear. The teacher asks Galileo what he wants in life - Gallileo replies: 'I Want To Break Free'. Khashoggi enters, and arrests Galileo for singing. Khashoggi talks to the teacher, who reveals that there is another rebel. Scaramouche enters the stage, out of sight of Khashoggi, and sings 'I Want To Break Free'.

'We Will Rock You' musical act 1 scene 2

The Teen Queens now enter and taunt Scaramouche about her clothes, and Scaramouche breaks into a song, 'Somebody To Love', with the Teen Queen's bitching along. Suddenly Khashoggi returns and she is arrested.

Act 1, Scene 3 : The Boardroom

'We Will Rock You' musical act 1 scene 3

The Yuppies sing 'Killer Queen' as they await her entrance. She enters and talks to Khashoggi, who tells us about Pop's findings, about musical instruments hidden in rock on Planet Mall, at the Place Of Champions. The Killer Queen vows to destroy every rock on the planet to ensure the instruments are lost, once and for all, then sings 'Play The Game', accompanied by the Yuppies.

Act 1, Scene 4 : The Laser Cell

'We Will Rock You' musical act 1 scene 4

Khashoggi interrogates Galileo about the song lyrics he found on his laptop, and what he knows about the Bohemians. Galileo reveals that he hears the lyrics through his dreams, and knows nothing about the Bohemians. Khashoggi decides that he may be able to use Galileo, who is then taken away.

Act 1, Scene 5 : Police HQ

'We Will Rock You' musical act 1 scene 5

Khashoggi tells the Killer Queen that the Bohemians are uprising and that they seek their Rhapsody. We hear the start of 'Death On Two Legs' as the Killer Queen orders that the Bohemians must be crushed so that Globalsoft will continue to dominate the world.

Act 1, Scene 6 : The Hospital

'We Will Rock You' musical act 1 scene 6

Galileo and Scaramouche both wake up in hospital, with bandaged heads. They meet and discuss their plight, agree that they must act together, and realise they will be hunted down. They sing 'Under Pressure', then flee the hospital.

Act 1, Scene 7 : The Killer Queen's Control Room

'We Will Rock You' musical act 1 scene 7

We see various landmarks exploding, including Stonehenge, and Khashoggi reveals that every known rock has now been destroyed, and no instruments have been found. The Killer Queen says that the Bohemians have been crushed, but Khashoggi warns her that they are still dangerous. Khashoggi and The Killer Queen believe that with the last dream destroyed, they will have completely uncritical consumers, and burst into 'A Kind Of Magic'.

Act 1, Scene 8 : The Wasteland

'We Will Rock You' musical act 1 scene 8

We see Britney and Meat (two Bohemians) emerging from a sewer. They have gathered materials to make their own instruments. They speak of a time in which they will discover music, and save the world, then sing 'I Want It All'. Suddenly, they hear someone coming, and hide. Galileo and Scaramouche enter. They talk about how music and dance is now, and how it may once have been.

'We Will Rock You' musical act 1 scene 8

Meat and Britney appear and seize them. They interrogate Galileo about the lyrics, because they appear in the Holy Texts. When Galileo says that he simply hears them and has no idea what they mean, Britney assumes that Galileo must be The Dreamer. Britney tests Galileo by singing part of 'Bohemian Rhapsody', then stops; when Galileo sings the rest, he has passed the test. Britney and Meat take Galileo and Scaramouche to meet the other Bohemians.

Act 1, Scene 9 : Descent Into The Underground

'We Will Rock You' musical act 1 scene 9

The foursome sing 'Headlong' as they travel.

Act 1, Scene 10 : The Heartbreak Hotel

'We Will Rock You' musical act 1 scene 10

Galileo, Scaramouche, Britney and Meat arrive at the Bohemians headquarters, The Heartbreak Hotel, at the disused Tottenham Court Road tube station. The Bohemians are convinced that Galileo and Scaramouche are spies, and want to kill them. Then, Britney convinces Big Macca that Galileo is really The Dreamer.

'We Will Rock You' musical act 1 scene 10

Big Macca tells Galileo what they know about the music that is lost, about past icons - Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin, Jim Morrison, Bob Marley, John Lennon, and Freddie. Meat sings 'No-One But You' in tribute.

'We Will Rock You' musical act 1 scene 10

The Bohemians now reveal that they have managed to make their own instruments, and they improvise 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love'. Afterwards, sirens sound, the police arrive, and they are all trapped. Britney manages to escape, and challenges the police (we hear Ogre Battle). He manages to free Galileo and Scaramouche, who flee, but Britney is recaptured.


Act 2, Scene 1 : Ga Ga Land

'We Will Rock You' musical act 2 scene 1

The Ga Ga Kids are singing 'One Vision'. Then, the police sirens sound and a police voice warns 'rebel alert', which causes the kids to flee.

Act 2, Scene 2 : Wrecked Van

'We Will Rock You' musical act 2 scene 2

Galileo and Scaramouche emerge, lost in the underworld. Galileo wonders how Khashoggi had tracked them to the Heartbreak Hotel. They realise it must have something to do with the hospital, and discover tiny transmitters embedded in their heads. They safely remove and deactivate the bugs, then realise that they are the only Bohemians left, and that the Heartbreak Hotel is crushed. Galileo and Scaramouche embrace, united by their plight. Falling in love, and aware that they are still being hunted down, they sing 'Who Wants To Live Forever'.

Act 2, Scene 3 : Laser Cages

'We Will Rock You' musical act 2 scene 3

Khashoggi is interrogating the Bohemians, whilst singing 'Flash'. He then sings whilst sending them to the 'Seven Seas Of Rhye' by destroying their souls with brainwashing helmets.

Act 2, Scene 4 : Wrecked Van

'We Will Rock You' musical act 2 scene 4

Galileo has been dreaming about the Seven Seas Of Rhye and the Bohemians. Scaramouche tells him that she too has found out about the Seven Seas Of Rhye by reversing the polarity on the transmitter. They agree they must go to try and save the Bohemians, but argue about which one of them should go. They storm off in different directions.

Act 2, Scene 5 : The Killer Queen's Pad

'We Will Rock You' musical act 2 scene 5

The Killer Queen is in her boudoir with the yuppies, and they sing 'Fat Bottomed Girls'. Khashoggi then enters, the yuppies leave, and he tells her that he has destroyed the Heartbreak Hotel, but..... At this point, the Killer Queen starts to sing 'Don't Stop Me Now' with joy. Khashoggi then manages to interrupt and tell her that Galileo and Scaramouche escaped. The Killer Queen is furious, and sends him to the Seven Seas Of Rhye, singing 'Another One Bites The Dust' as she does so.

Act 2, Scene 6 : Out On The Road

'We Will Rock You' musical act 2 scene 6

Galileo and Scaramouche have now met up again, but are still arguing. They sing 'Hammer To Fall'.

Act 2, Scene 7 : The Seven Seas Drinking Club

'We Will Rock You' musical act 2 scene 7

Pop is the barman at the club, where The Bohemians are gathered around, motionless, humming 'We Are The Champions'. As he tidies the club, he sings 'These Are The Days Of Our Lives'. After, Galileo and Scaramouche enter, but the Bohemians do not recognise him due to their brainwashing. Pop tells Galileo and Scaramouche all he knows about the Lost Texts - he was a librarian, and read too much about the Secret History. He tells of the demise of music, and produces a video tape. He plays the tape and we here an excerpt of 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Pop reveals that this is all that is left of the tape, and he believes that the message is telling the kids to open their eyes, to rise up and rebel. Pop also tells Galileo that the tape was by Queen, who late in their career buried their instruments on Planet Mall.

'We Will Rock You' musical act 2 scene 7

Suddenly, the Seven Seas Of Rhye start shaking, which Pop explains is because the lake is regularly drained for the water. Galileo spots a statue emerging from the lake, and Pop recognises the statue as Freddie. The statue seems to be pointing, towards the place of Living Rock, the place where the Champions played, Wembley Stadium. The three of them now plan to leave, but they need transport. We hear part of 'Bicycle Race', but Scaramouche points out that they can't turn up on a bike to rescue rock 'n' roll, so they take Pop's motorbike instead. They sing 'Headlong' as they travel.

'We Will Rock You' musical act 2 scene 7

They now arrive at Wembley. They cannot find any instruments, so make their own music instead. Galileo sings part of 'We Will Rock You', getting better as he goes, and starts clapping his hands and stamping his feet. As the music gets louder, a pile of rubble collapses behind them, revealing a guitar hidden inside.

'We Will Rock You' musical act 2 scene 7

Galileo tries to play the guitar, but is awful, so Scaramouche takes over. Pop then emails the Power Of Rock to everyone on the planet, discovering afterwards that it includes the Killer Queen. She appears via a videoscreen and asks what they are doing, and Galileo replies that they have the Power Of Rock and that they will unleash the Mighty Riffs. We now hear a solo from 'Tie Your Mother Down', during which the Killer Queen starts to boogie, before she realises she has been vaporised by the power. The Bohemians now appear, woken up by the email, and Galileo sings 'We Will Rock You'.

'We Will Rock You' musical act 2 scene 7

The stage then goes dark, and Galileo stands at the front of the stage and sings 'We Are The Champions'.

Bows and Standing Ovations : We Will Rock You (fast version)

'We Will Rock You' musical bows


'We Will Rock You' musical encore

The lights then go down, and we see projected in huge letters: 'Do you want to hear 'Bohemian Rhapsody'?'. 'Yes' the audience replies and the whole cast perform 'Bohemian Rhapsody' as an encore. The lights go down, and Galileo and Scaramouche are lit at the front of the stage for the final lines of the track.