Solo Lyrics Quiz Answers


Which songs are the following lyrics from?

1. This fountain within me is overflowing
La Japonaise
2. I can reach you from the stars above
Love Makin' Love
3. In case of fear....earthquake....or forest fire
Stand Up For Love
4. It's clobbering time
The Amazing Spider-Man
5. Bitch city
6. You've got a flame in my heart, we ain't never gonna part
Hold On
7. Well I ain't like Doris Day and I ain't no Robin Hood
Rough Justice
8. While profit oils the big machine
Hand Of Fools
9. They say it's all in the mind, see how it falls off the tongue
10. VIP and Royalty
Shove It
11. Forgot my six-string razor, and I hit the sky
All The Way From Memphis
12. And when the going got hard, and when times were tough
Old Friends
13. It's funny honey - you don't care
Maybe Baby
14. I was born on the 22nd floor of a birdcage
The Also Rans
15. Where is my star in heaven's bough, where is my strength, I need it now
Guide Me Home
16. The valley of apathy as far as I could see
17. His rise was irresistible
The Golden Boy
18. Make me a potion to drink
Better Things
19. You're staring at my face as though I'm crazy
Let Your Heart Rule Your Head
20. The spirit to launch itself at hazardous speculation
London Town - C'mon Down
21. Your poisoned letter, your telegram
Since You've Been Gone
22. I've got nothing and no-one in my life
The Business
23. Not what it seems this American dream
It's An Illusion
24. A point in space or point in time
25. I feel like the president of the USA
Mr Bad Guy
26. I am stinking bloody well rich
27. My life has no rhythm, somehow it's out of tune
Nothin' But Blue
28. When I was a little boy and growing up
Holding On
29. History repeats itself
Man Made Paradise
30. I'm just a singer with a song
In My Defence
31. What you screaming for acting like a demon for
32. Mercurial more wayward by the hour, the shackles fall away and I'm in your power
The Fallen Priest
33. When grey is the colour of my best friend's sweater
Turn On The TV
34. I'm naked and I bleed
How Can I Go On?
35. I met a guy from Abu Dhabi
China Belle
36. We might as well be deaf and dumb and blind
37. You know that I told you I'd always be true
Let's Get Crazy
38. The way you boil your eggs
Touch The Sky
39. You're the one that's burning me upside down
It's So You
40. And laughter is way out of style
Dream Of Thee
41. To the sweetest loving sunshine that I've ever known
Rollin' Over
42. And a man in a punt stuck pole in the air
Two Sharp Pencils
43. Just for this moment take your life into your hands
What Are We Made Of?
44. Now you say you're leaving me, I just can't believe it's true
Your Kind Of Lover
45. Bloody righteous and mentally slow
Strange Frontier
46. It's the power of your love keeps me under their thumb
Man On Fire
47. And everyone in the city, gotta play his game
The Guv'nor
48. Got a pistol in my pocket gonna blow all your dreams away
Life Changes
49. I play their fantasy and I live their pain

Normal Questions

50. Which song mentions Methylated gin?
51. Which song mentions Elvis Presley and Duane Eddy?
Believe In Yourself
52. Which song mentions Russia, Iran, China and the USA?
Old Men (Lay Down)
53. The introduction to which song mentions Danny Boy?
Bad Attitude
54. Which song mentions Memphis and New Orleans?
No More Fun
55. Which song mentions Darth Vader?
Penetration Guru
56. Which song mentions Keith Richard and Cliff Richard?
A Nation Of Haircuts
57. Which song tells the story of a bank robbery?
Love Lies Bleeding
58. Which Freddie Mercury song features the name of a Jimi Hendrix song, covered by The Cross, in it's lyrics?
Foolin' Around (the song is Foxy Lady)
59. Which song mentions Elvis Presley, James Dean and James Brown?
Cowboys And Indians
60. Which song mentions Liverpool, Leeds and Miami?
Let's Get Crazy