Queen Artwork Quiz Answers


1. The reissue of the Barcelona single featured almost identical artwork as which other Freddie Mercury single?
The Golden Boy
2. Which was the first UK single to be released in a picture sleeve that did not feature a picture of Queen on the front sleeve?
We Are The Champions
3. Which Barcelona single does not feature a picture of the album on the sleeve?
4. Which Roger Taylor album doesn't feature him on the front cover?
5. The back sleeve of which album is an inverted and mirror image of the front?
6. Which was the first UK single on general release as a coloured vinyl 7"?
The Invisible Man
7. Which single was released as a jukebox shaped picture disc?
The Great Pretender
8. Which Brian May single has no mention of him on the sleeve?
The Amazing Spider-Man
9. The Japanese sleeve for Under Pressure utilised the artwork from which album?
Greatest Hits
10. Which is the only 7" single available in a gatefold sleeve?
11. Which Happiness? single features a picture of Roger on the back sleeve?
12. Which Brian May UK sleeve is entirely black and white?
13. Which Greatest Hits sleeve has a front 'live' sleeve?
14. Which 1984 Japanese sleeve features a motorbike on the sleeve?
Man On Fire
15. And which other sleeve features a motorbike on the sleeve?
Cowboys And Indians
16. Keep Yourself Alive was released in a picture sleeve in which of the following countries: Portugal, Spain or France?
17. Which Brian May sleeve features a picture of him at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert?
Too Much Love Will Kill You
18. Which single is the only to feature the full lyrics on the front sleeve?
Nazis 1994
19. Which album sleeve features a hand holding a gun?
20. Which single reused Queen's Las Palabras De Amor sleeve?
New Dark Ages
21. Which Highlander character cannot be seen on the Who Wants To Live Forever sleeve: Kurgan Heather or Connor?
22. Which American single features a black and white sleeve with no mention of the track?
We Are The Champions
23. Which Greatest Hits album was given a blue tint in The Platinum Collection?
Greatest Hits III
24. The bird on the New Dark Ages sleeve can also be seen where?
On the Life Changes sleeve
25. Which album features a skull and crossbones on the sleeve?
Mad Bad and Dangerous To Know
26. How many UK general release album front sleeves have featured the Queen crest in one form or another?
Five (A Night At The Opera, A Day At The Races, Greatest Hits II, Queen Rocks, Greatest Hits III)
27. Apart from We Are The Champions and Spread Your Wings which is the only Queen UK sleeve not to feature the song title on the front sleeve?
Body Language
28. Which country's release of Now I'm Here features clouds?
29. Which single is the only to feature incomplete lyrics on the front sleeve?
A Winter's Tale
30. The 7" of Starfleet was issued in the album sleeve in which country?
31. On which Freddie Mercury album doesn't he have his moustache?
32. Which country's Seven Seas Of Rhye sleeve utilised the Queen II artwork?
33. Somebody To Love was issued in a 'A Day At The Races' sleeve in which country?
34. Which country's sleeve for I Wanna Testify features the sleeve for A Day At The Races on the reverse?
35. Which French single features identical artwork to the UK back sleeve?
Bicycle Race
36. Which Japanese single features identical artwork to the Japanese A Kind Of Magic sleeve?
Princes Of The Universe
37. Which country's sleeve for Princes Of The Universe features a still from the promotional film?
38. Which is the only album sleeve to feature an animal on the front?
Queen Rocks (the bird/dragon)
39. Which is the only Freddie Mercury UK single not to feature him on the sleeve?
How Can I Go On
40. What was the first UK single to feature a barcode on the sleeve?
Cowboys And Indians (beating Barcelona by a month)
41. Which UK album was the first to feature a barcode on the original sleeve?
Starfleet Project
42. Where was Brian first seen dressed as a penguin?
On the Queen LP back sleeve
43. Which is the only UK Picture Disc LP available?
Another World
44. Which magazine is Roger reading on the sleeve of Fun In Space?
45. Which Cross single does not feature a barcode on the back?
Shove It
46. Which album front sleeve features a photograph of Freddie on stage?
Live At Wembley 1986
47. Which playing card appears on the back of the Queen LP?
Queen Of Spades
48. Which member of Queen is not depicted on the front sleeve of News Of The World?
Roger Taylor
49. Only two Queen singles have featured the lyrics on the reverse. One is Under Pressure, but what is the other?
One Vision
50. Which Cross single was the first not to feature the 'Virgin' logo?
Power To Love