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Queen Involvement


Directed by Fritz Lang (1890-1976)
Originally released in 1926

1984 Re-edit produced by Georgio Moroder
Length 80 minutes

'Metropolis' is set in the futuristic city of the same name in the year 2026, and is the most expensive silent film ever made, featuring over 38,000 extras. The original film was released in 1926, but severely edited for it's American release, which meant that many of the original scenes were lost forever. The film was re-edited in 1984 by Georgio Moroder, who restored some of the missing scenes, replaced lost ones with still photographs, and added colour, sound effects and a modern music score. Further footage of the film was rediscovered in 2008.

Queen Involvement

The film features the Freddie Mercury track 'Love Kills'. which was co-written with the film's producer, Georgio Moroder. The track used in the film was similar to that released as a single, but with slightly different lyrics, and some different instruments, and it appears approximately 51 minutes into the film, lasting for 1:50.

Freddie was the only artist who contributed to the film to receive a co-writing credit. The film also features tracks by Bonnie Tyler, Pat Benatar, Adam Ant, Billy Squier, Jon Anderson, Cycle V, Loverboy, and Georgio Moroder himself, with many of the tracks produced by Queen's producer, Reinhold Mack.

Metropolis also has a Queen connection, as ideas from the film are used in the 'Radio Ga Ga' promotional video, including the clock mechanism, the robot Hel, and footage of the city.


Maria (Brigitte Helm)
Hel (Brigitte Helm)
Freder (Gustav Frohlich)
Joh Fredersen (Alfred Abel)
Rotwang (Rudolf Klein-Rogge)
Josaphat (Theodor Loos)
Grot (Heinrich George)


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