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#TitleArtistWriterRelease StatusLength
1Africa By NightFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryUnreleasedUnknown
2BarcelonaFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation5:37
3Creatures Of The NightFreddie MercuryOtherUnreleasedUnknown
4EnsuenoFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album4:20
5Everybody Needs SomebodyFreddie MercuryOtherUnreleasedUnknown
6Exercises In Free LoveFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryNon-Album Track, Compilation3:56
7Foolin' AroundFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation3:28
8Freddie Mercury Interview, 1987Freddie MercuryOtherInterview6:45
9Freddie Mercury Interview, Ibiza 1987 pt 1Freddie MercuryOtherInterview9:52
10Freddie Mercury Interview, Ibiza 1987 pt 2Freddie MercuryOtherInterview8:18
11Freddie Mercury Interview, Ibiza 1987 pt 3Freddie MercuryOtherInterview10:25
12Freddie Mercury Interview, London 1979Freddie MercuryOtherInterview8:08
13Freddie Mercury Interview, London 1985Freddie MercuryOtherInterview6:42
14Freddie Mercury Interview, London 1986Freddie MercuryOtherInterview10:32
15Freddie Mercury Interview, Munich 1982Freddie MercuryOtherInterview8:04
16Freddie Mercury Interview, Munich 1984Freddie MercuryOtherInterview15:27
17Freddie Mercury Interview, Munich 1984Freddie MercuryOtherInterview74:10
18Freddie Mercury Interview, Munich 1984 pt 1Freddie MercuryOtherInterview11:24
19Freddie Mercury Interview, Munich 1984 pt 2Freddie MercuryOtherInterview7:35
20Freddie Mercury Interview, Munich 1985Freddie MercuryOtherInterview7:15
21Fuck Off And Die You FagFreddie MercuryOtherUnreleased3:11
22Garden Lodge ImprovisationsFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryUnreleasedUnknown
23GazelleFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set1:19
24God Is HeavyFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set1:21
25Guide Me HomeFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation2:40
26Had To Believe MeFreddie MercuryOtherUnreleasedUnknown
27Have A Nice DayFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set0:42
28Hold OnFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set3:37
29Holding OnFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set4:11
30Horns Of DoomFreddie MercuryOtherBoxed Set4:14
31How Can I Go OnFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation4:00
32I Can't DanceFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set2:04
33I Was Born To Love YouFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation3:37
34Ideas (Barcelona)Freddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set1:13
35In My DefenceFreddie MercuryOtherNon-Album Track, Compilation3:55
36In Search Of LoveFreddie MercuryOtherUnreleasedUnknown
37It's So YouFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set2:38
38Keep Smilin'Freddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set1:38
39Killing MeFreddie MercuryOtherUnreleasedUnknown
40La JaponaiseFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album4:49
41Let's Turn It OnFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation3:39
42Little Freddie Goes To SchoolFreddie MercuryOtherOther5:22
43Living On My OwnFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation3:21
44Love KillsFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryNon-Album Track, Compilation4:28
45Love Makin' LoveFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set, Compilation3:35
46Love Me Like There's No TomorrowFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation3:45
47Made In HeavenFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation4:05
48Man Made ParadiseFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album4:08
49Money Can't Buy HappinessFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set2:35
50Mr Bad GuyFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation4:10
51My Love Is DangerousFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation3:41
52New YorkFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set2:13
53Overture PiccanteFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album6:40
54Rachmaninov's RevengeFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set4:44
55Rock A Bye DixieFreddie MercuryOtherUnreleased1:29
56She Blows Hot And ColdFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryNon-Album Track3:24
57Stop All The FightingFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryNon-Album Track3:17
58The Duet (The Fallen Priest)Freddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set3:04
59The Fallen PriestFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album5:44
60The Girl From IpanemaFreddie MercuryOtherUnreleased3:36
61The Golden BoyFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation6:04
62The Great PretenderFreddie MercuryOtherNon-Album Track, Compilation3:25
63The Music Of The NightFreddie MercuryOtherUnreleasedUnknown
64The Phantom Of The OperaFreddie MercuryOtherUnreleasedUnknown
65There Must Be More To Life Than ThisFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation2:58
66TimeFreddie MercuryOtherNon-Album Track, Compilation2:57
67When This Tired Old Body Wants To SingFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set2:29
68Yellow BreezesFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryBoxed Set5:24
69You Are The Only OneFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryUnreleased1:59
70Your Kind Of LoverFreddie MercuryFreddie MercuryStudio Album, Compilation3:31