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This page allows you to search for Queen related events based on various criteria, including specific words or phrases, the artist, event type, and date.

The text search is case insensitive and will return partial aswell as exact matches. The list includes all known events, including concerts, releases and family events, where an exact date is known, so unfortunately this means that some releases and concerts are omitted. Eventually I may add other dates, such as when Queen signed recording contracts, but at the moment I don't have enough to add to make it worthwhile.

At some point in the future this will be revamped to give more search options and a faster search, but at the moment it should satisfy most needs.

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Found 53 events out of 2235 total

05 September 1946Vocalist Farookh Bulsara is born on the island of ZanzibarFreddie MercuryBirths
05 September 1946Vocalist Farookh Bulsara is born on the island of ZanzibarFreddie MercuryBirths
07 October 1979Freddie performs with the Royal Ballet and the National Philharomic Orchestra at the Coliseum, London, EnglandFreddie MercuryConcert
10 September 1984'Love Kills' is releasedFreddie MercurySingle Release
09 April 1985'I Was Born To Love You' is releasedFreddie MercurySingle Release
29 April 1985'Mr Bad Guy' is releasedFreddie MercuryAlbum Release
01 July 1985'Made In Heaven' is releasedFreddie MercurySingle Release
02 September 1985'Living On My Own' is releasedFreddie MercurySingle Release
18 November 1985'Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow' is releasedFreddie MercurySingle Release
09 April 1986The world premiere of the Time musical is held at the Dominion Theatre, LondonFreddie MercuryOther
06 May 1986'Time' is releasedFreddie MercurySingle Release
22 May 1986The 'Time' promo video is filmed at the Dominion Theatre, London, EnglandFreddie MercuryOther
21 July 1986'The Freddie Mercury Video EP' is releasedFreddie MercuryVideo Release
09 August 1986Queen perform at Knebworth Park, Stevenage, England, the last ever Queen concert with FreddieQueen, Freddie MercuryConcert
12 February 1987The Great Pretender' promo video is filmed at Battersea Studios, London, EnglandFreddie MercuryOther
23 February 1987'The Great Pretender' is releasedFreddie MercurySingle Release
16 March 1987'The Great Pretender' is releasedFreddie MercuryVideo Release
29 May 1987Freddie performs with Montserrat Caballe, at the Ibiza 1992 Festival, Ku Klub, IbizaFreddie MercuryConcert
07 October 1987The promo video for 'Barcelona' is filmed at Pinewood Studios, London, EnglandFreddie MercuryOther
26 October 1987'Barcelona'Freddie MercurySingle Release
14 April 1988Freddie performs at a charity performance of the 'Time' musical, at the Dominion Theatre, London, EnglandFreddie MercuryConcert
08 October 1988Freddie performs with Montserrat Caballe, at La Nit Festival, Montjurich Castle, Barcelona, SpainFreddie MercuryConcert
10 October 1988'Barcelona' is releasedFreddie MercuryAlbum Release
24 October 1988'The Golden Boy' is releasedFreddie MercurySingle Release
23 January 1989'How Can I Go On' is releasedFreddie MercurySingle Release
06 February 1989'The Barcelona Video EP' is releasedFreddie MercuryVideo Release
18 February 1990Queen attend the Brit Awards and receive an award for Outstanding Contribution To Music. It is Freddie's last public appearanceQueen, Freddie MercuryOther
30 May 1991Freddie records his last promo video with Queen, 'These Are The Days Of Our Lives'Freddie MercuryOther
23 November 1991Freddie announces to the world's press that he has AIDSFreddie MercuryOther
24 November 1991Freddie dies at his home in LondonFreddie MercuryOther
20 April 1992The 'Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert' is held at Wembley Stadium, London, EnglandQueen without Freddie, Freddie MercuryConcert
27 July 1992'Barcelona' is reissuedFreddie MercurySingle Release
12 October 1992'How Can I Go On' is reissuedFreddie MercurySingle Release
16 November 1992'The Freddie Mercury Album' is releasedFreddie MercuryAlbum Release
24 November 1992'The Great Pretender' is released in the USAFreddie MercuryAlbum Release
30 November 1992'In My Defence' is releasedFreddie MercurySingle Release
25 January 1993'The Great Pretender' is reissuedFreddie MercurySingle Release
19 July 1993'Living On My Own' is reissuedFreddie MercurySingle Release
01 November 1993'Freddie Mercury - Remixes' is released in EuropeFreddie MercuryAlbum Release
01 June 1999The Royal Mail issue the 'Mercury's Magic' stamp, which features Freddie and RogerFreddie MercuryOther
23 October 2000The 'Freddie Mercury: Solo' boxed sets are releasedFreddie MercuryBoxed Set Release
23 October 2000'The Freddie Mercury Video Collection' is releasedFreddie MercuryVideo Release
20 November 2000'Guide Me Home' is released in the Netherlands and ItalyFreddie MercurySingle Release
01 September 2006A remix of 'Love Kills' is released in Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and ItalyFreddie MercurySingle Release
04 September 2006'Lover Of Life, Singer Of Songs - The Very Best Of Freddie Mercury Solo' is releasedFreddie MercuryAlbum Release, Video Release
12 November 2011'The Mysterious Mr Mercury' programme is broadcast on BBC Radio 4Queen, Freddie MercuryOther
03 September 2012The 'Barcelona - Special Edition' album is releasedFreddie MercuryAlbum Release
13 September 2012'The Great Pretender' book is releasedFreddie MercuryBook Release
24 September 2012'The Great Pretender' DVD and Blu-ray is releasedFreddie MercuryVideo Release
07 September 2015'Little Freddie Goes To School' is released as a downloadFreddie MercurySingle Release
01 September 2016Brian and Freddie's sister Kashmira Cooke unveil a blue plaque to mark Freddie's former home in Feltham, London, EnglandQueen, Freddie Mercury, Brian MayOther
02 September 2016The 'Messenger Of The Gods' album and boxed set are releasedFreddie MercuryAlbum Release, Boxed Set Release
20 April 2022The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert is streamed live on Youtube to mark it's 30th anniversaryQueen without Freddie, Freddie MercuryOther