Roger Taylor Coloured Vinyl Discography


Roger Taylor 'Nazis 1994'Roger Taylor 'Nazis 1994'
Roger Taylor 'Nazis 1994'Roger Taylor 'Nazis 1994'
Roger Taylor 'Nazis 1994'Roger Taylor 'Nazis 1994'

Nazis 1994

UK, 1994. 7" Numbered Clear Vinyl in Picture Sleeve (R6379)
UK, 1994. 12" Numbered Clear Vinyl with Insert (12RC 6379)

Roger Taylor 'Foreign Sand'Roger Taylor 'Foreign Sand'
Roger Taylor 'Foreign Sand'

Foreign Sand

UK, 1994. 7" Numbered Blue Vinyl in Picture Sleeve (R6389)

Roger Taylor 'Happiness'Roger Taylor 'Happiness'
Roger Taylor 'Happiness'


UK, 1994. 7" Numbered Green Vinyl in Picture Sleeve (R 6399)

Roger Taylor 'Electric Fire'Roger Taylor 'Electric Fire'
Roger Taylor 'Electric Fire'

Electric Fire

UK, 1998. LP Orange Vinyl in Normal sleeve with Inner sleeve (4967241)

Roger Taylor 'Pressure On'Roger Taylor 'Pressure On'
Roger Taylor 'Pressure On'

Pressure On

UK, 1998. 7" Numbered Orange Vinyl in Picture Sleeve (R 6507)

Roger Taylor 'Best'Roger Taylor 'Best'Roger Taylor 'Best'Roger Taylor 'Best'


USA and Canada, 2014. Double LP Translucent Orange Vinyl in Standard Sleeve (OVLP105)
Each disc was housed in it's own inner sleeve. Press releases for the album incorrected described the vinyl as either gold or yellow.

Roger Taylor 'Fun In Space'Roger Taylor 'Fun In Space' Roger Taylor 'Fun In Space'

Fun In Space

USA, 2015. Clear vinyl LP in Standard Sleeve (OVLP116)

Roger Taylor 'Strange Frontier'Roger Taylor 'Strange Frontier' Roger Taylor 'Strange Frontier'

Strange Frontier

USA, 2015. Red vinyl LP in Standard Sleeve (OVLP117)