One Vision

[2005 France reissue | discography | song details]


Queen 'One Vision' UK 7" front sleeveQueen 'One Vision' UK 7" back sleeve

Standard UK Sleeves.....
(used for both the 7" and 12" releases)

Queen 'One Vision' UK 7" double sleeve backQueen 'One Vision' UK 12" red PVC front sleeve

.....UK 'Inner Sleeve' Issue Back Sleeve and Red PVC Sleeve.....
(the 7" and 12" records which included the inner sleeve below both had the above sleeve as the reverse)

Queen 'One Vision' UK 7" double sleeve innerQueen 'One Vision' UK 7" double sleeve inner

.....UK Front and Back Inner Sleeves.....
(part of one of the 7" releases and one of the 12" releases)

UK Singles Collection CD front sleeveUK Singles Collection CD back sleeve

.....Queen Singles Collection 3 Sleeves.....
(based on the original UK sleeve)

German 12" front sleeveJapanese 7" front sleeve

.....German 12" Sleeve and Japanese Sleeve