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This page features miscellaneous artwork of interest.

Most of the "Innuendo" artwork was originally by Grandville (1803-1847). As some of the artwork was black and white, designer Richard Gray added colour and adapted some of the images for use on the album and singles sleeves.

Band Autographs

Freddie Mercury signature

Brian May signature

Roger Taylor signature

John Deacon signature

The Queen Crest

Queen Crest

Queen Crest

Queen 40th Anniversary Crest

Innuendo Artwork

Queen 'Innuendo' jugglerQueen 'Innuendo' trumpet

Front and Back of the 'Innuendo' album.....

John Deacon 'Innuendo' ArtworkFreddie Mercury 'Innuendo' Artwork

Brian May 'Innuendo' ArtworkRoger Taylor 'Innuendo' Artwork

.....Inner Sleeve of the 'Innuendo' album.....
(drawn by Angela Lumley)

Queen 'Innuendo' trombonesQueen 'Innuendo' piston

.....Front and Back of the 'Innuendo' single.....

Queen 'Innuendo' monsterQueen 'Innuendo' cage

.....Front and Gatefold Inner of the 'I'm Going Slightly Mad' single.....

Queen 'Innuendo' violinsQueen 'Innuendo' harp

.....Front and Back of the 'The Show Must Go On' single.....

Queen 'Innuendo' clown

.....Back of the 'Headlong' single.....

Queen 'Innuendo' Cupid

.....and Back of the 'These Are The Days Of Our Lives' USA Promo CD.