Queen Fan Club Magazines

(1975 - 1979)

This section includes details of magazines produced by the Official International Queen Fan Club, and includes details of the contents of each magazine, plus front cover scans and scans of extras. The contents include reviews of events, collectors articles, technical features, concert lists, band interviews and other articles of interest, but news items, pictures and letters are all excluded as they are so numerous.

The Queen Fan Club can be contacted through their website, www.queenworld.com.

This page is incomplete as magazines from this era are quite hard to find. It is probable that some issues took the form of letters, rather than actual magazines. If you can provide any further details, please email me

  No details available for any magazines before 1979
Spring 1979 Fan Club Magazine

Spring Issue, 1979

Set list for the European 1979 'Jazz' tour
(and a competition to win a limited edition 'Bohemian Rhapsody' blue vinyl!)

Summer Issue, 1979

News, and presumably a set list, about the Crazy Tour
News about Live Killers and track list
Various photos of the band on tour

Autumn 1979 Fan Club Magazine

Autumn Issue, 1979

Tour dates for the 1979 'Crazy Tour'
Interview with John Deacon
Winter 1979 Fan Club Magazine

Winter Issue, 1979

Details of the 1979 'Crazy Tour'
Selection of Queen news reports