'The Ultimate Pop Quiz Book' Quiz Answers


1. Who was Queen's lead vocalist?
Freddie Mercury
2. How many people made up Queen?
3. Which 1974 hit had the band's name in the title?
Killer Queen
4. Which Rhapsody was at no. 1 for two months when first released?
5. Which Queen song has become a football anthem?
We Are The Champions
6. Which group of US comedy brothers made films whose titles gave Queen the names of two albums?
Marx Brothers
7. Which 1977 Queen album shares it's name with a Sunday tabloid newspaper?
News Of The World
8. Which musical instrument is Brian May must famous for?
9. In 1980 Queen became the first rock band to appear in which annual publication as some of Britain's highest paid executives?
The Guinness Book Of Records
10. Where did Bob Geldof say Queen's lead singer could 'ponce about in front of the whole world'?
Wembley Stadium (at Live Aid)
11. In which London park did Queen give a free concert in 1976?
Hyde Park
12. Which soap star's name was linked with Brian May's from the mid-80's?
Anita Dobson
13. Which Heart Attack gave Queen a no. 2 album in 1974?
14. Which Queen EP shares it's name with a BBC Radio network?
Five Live
15. Which George joined Queen on a version of These Are The Days Of Our Lives?
16. What is the surname of the Queen drummer Roger?
17. According to it's title, where was their 1995 no. 1 album made?
In Heaven
18. Which city gave their lead singer a hit in 1992?
19. Which Radio gave Queen a hit in 1984?
Ga Ga
20. Which David had a no. 1 with Queen in 1981?
21. What was Queen's first hit single?
Seven Seas Of Rhye
22. Who was the band's bass player?
John Deacon
23. What was the band's first hit album?
Queen II
24. What was on the other side of 'Bicycle Race' in 1978?
Fat Bottomed Girls
25. On which record label did they make their early recordings?
26. Which album was Killer Queen on originally?
Sheer Heart Attack
27. Bohemian Rhapsody lasts for just under how many minutes?
6 minutes
28. Which album followed Sheer Heart Attack?
A Night At The Opera
29. Who was the first member of the band to release a solo disc?
Roger Taylor
30. Which record tied with Bohemian Rhapsody as the best selling single of the period of the Queen's reign, 1952-77, honouring her Silver Jubilee?
A Whiter Shade Of Pale (by Procol Harum)
31. Brian May contributed to whose album Puttin' On The Style?
Lonnie Donegan
32. Which film soundtrack did they record in 1980?
Flash Gordon
33. Which continent did they visit on their Gluttons For Punishment tour?
South America
34. Who used their I Want To Break Free for TV commercials?
35. Which South African political group also used I Want To Break Free?
36. What was on the other side of We Will Rock You?
We Are The Champions
37. What was Freddie Mercury's first solo album called?
Mr Bad Guy
38. Which song did he take to no. 5 in March 1987?
The Great Pretender
39. What was on the other side of Bohemian Rhapsody after it's re-release following Freddie Mercury's death?
These Are The Days Of Our Lives
40. Which album topped the charts in it's first week in 1995?
Made In Heaven
41. Which band did Brian May and Roger Taylor form in 1967?
42. How was Freddie Mercury billed on I Can Hear Music in 1973?
Larry Lurex
43. Which album did Las Palabras De Amor come from?
Hot Space
44. Which song mentions Kruschev and Kennedy?
Killer Queen
45. Which organisation owned the record company Queen signed with in 1990?
Walt Disney
46. Which band had Freddie Mercury been singing with before he joined May and Taylor in 1970?
Wreckage (although Sour Milk Sea and Ibex are also correct)
47. What did Brian May study at Imperial College London in the 1960's?
Astronomy and Physics
48. Where did Freddie Mercury study graphic art and design?
Ealing College of Art
49. Who did Queen support on their first US tour?
Mott The Hoople
50. Who was Bohemian Rhapsody leaked to when EMI were reluctant to release it as it was so long?
Kenny Everett
51. Which album featured Radio Ga Ga?
The Works
52. Which record had been at no. 1 for the longest time before the nine week run of Bohemian Rhapsody?
Paul Anka's 'Diana'
53. Which Queen film supported The Hustle in UK cinemas?
Queen At The Rainbow
54. What was Queen's follow up single to Bohemian Rhapsody in 1976?
You're My Best Friend
55. Who supported Queen at their free Hyde Park concert in 1976?
Kiki Dee and Supercharge
56. Where did Freddie Mercury appear with Wayne Ealing and Derek Dean in July 1979?
The Royal Ballet
57. Who played rhythm guitar on Crazy Little Thing Called Love?
Freddie Mercury
58. Who was Roger Taylor's band on his solo album Shove It?
The Cross
59. Whose 1985 no. 3 hit was produced by Roger Taylor?
Jimmy Nail
60. Which album featured I Want It All?
The Miracle