'Mastermind' Answers


1. Queen provided the soundtrack for which 1980 film and reached the UK top 10 with the resulting album?
Flash Gordon
2. Under what name was Roger Taylor credited on the first two Queen albums?
Roger Meddows-Taylor
3. Which musician played additional keyboards for the band on their live appearances between 1984 and 1986?
Spike Edney
4. Before forming Queen, Roger Taylor and Brian May had previously been members of which band with bass guitarist Tim Staffell?
5. On which album was Freddie Mercury credited with providing 'vocals, vocals, Bechstein Debauchery and more vocals'?
A Night At The Opera
6. In 1973 and 1974, Queen went on a UK and American tour supporting which fellow British band?
Mott The Hoople
7. "It's dog eat dog in this rat race" is a line from which John Deacon song on the album 'News Of The World'?
Who Needs You
8. The four tracks that made up Queen's First EP in 1977 were 'Good Old Fashioned Loverboy', 'Death On Two Legs', 'Tenement Funster', and which track from 'Queen II'?
White Queen
9. Two sound engineers who went on to produce Queen's debut album were present when the band made a demo tape at De Lane Lea studios, one was Roy Thomas Baker, who was the other?
John Anthony
10. In 1965, Brian went to Imperial College, London, to study which subjects?
Physics and Astronomy
11. Shortly before the release of the first Queen album, Freddie Mercury released a single under the name of Larry Lurex, that was a cover of which Beach Boys song?
I Can Hear Music
12. What was the name of the band that Roger Taylor formed in 1987 with Peter Noone, Clayton Moss, Spike Edney and Josh Macrae?
The Cross
13. Who provided backing vocals on the track 'Good Old Fashioned Loverboy' on 'A Day At The Races', the first time that anyone other than the four band members had sung on a Queen track?
Mike Stone
14. What was the follow up single to Bohemian Rhapsody which was also on the 'A Night At The Opera' album?
You're My Best Friend
15. The band used the synthesiser for the first time on the chart topping album 'The Game'. What type of synthesiser?
16. Which song on Sheer Heart Attack was the first song to appear on a Queen album that had the composition credited to all four members of the band?
Stone Cold Crazy
17. Freddie Mercury had only played keyboard instruments on record until he played rhythm guitar on which of his own compositions?
Crazy Little Thing Called Love

1. Who was the last of the four members to join the band, doing so in 1971?
John Deacon
2. What is Freddie Mercury doing when he first appears on the video of 'I Want To Break Free'?
3. In 1973, just before the band's first album was released, under what name did Freddie Mercury release a cover of The Beach Boys' 'I Can Hear Music'?
Larry Lurex
4. Which member of the band wrote their 1984 top 10 hit single 'Radio Ga Ga'?
Roger Taylor
5. In October 1984, Queen were heavily criticised for playing a series of concerts in which venue?
Sun City
6. In which year did 'Bohemian Rhapsody' first top the UK singles chart, it reached no 1 again after Freddie's death in 1991?
7. What song did the band perform on their first appearance on 'Top Of The Pops'?
Seven Seas Of Rhye
8. Who co-produced some of the band's earlier albums including 'Sheer Heart Attack' and 'A Night At The Opera'?
Roy Thomas Baker
9. Which guitar did Brian May use on 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' instead of his usual homemade one?
Fender Telecaster
10. In 1978, which song was released on a double-A sided single with 'Fat Bottomed Girls'?
Bicycle Race
11. Which album was launched at a notorious party in New Orleans on Halloween 1978?
12. 12. EMI released 'Bohemian Rhapsody' as a single, partly in response to the audience reaction after a DJ played it on his radio show. Who was the DJ?
Kenny Everett
13. In 1980, Queen wrote and performed the soundtrack for which film directed by Mike Hodges?
Flash Gordon
14. The track 'Sheer Heart Attack' does not appear on the album of the same title, on which album did it first appear?
News Of The World
15. Where in London did the band perform a free open-air concert in September 1976?
Hyde Park
16. Queen's 1981 UK #1 hit 'Under Pressure' was a collaboration with which singer?
David Bowie
17. The band played a concert in which Eastern Bloc country in July 1986?
18. Which song gave Queen their last no 1 hit single during Freddie Mercury's lifetime?
19. With which former Free and Bad Company vocalist did Roger Taylor and Brian May perform as Queen from 2004 onwards?
Paul Rodgers
20. Which festively titled single did Queen release in December 1984?
Thank God It's Christmas
21. What is the title of Queen's 1979 live album?
Live Killers
22. 'Bohemian Rhapsody' reached no 2 in the US singles chart in 1992 after the song appeared in which film?
Wayne's World

1. The video for Queen's single 'Radio Ga Ga' includes excerpts from which classic silent film?
2. At which racecourse did the band attend a special horse race, held to promote their album 'A Day At The Races'?
Kempton Park
3. The guitar that was the source of Brian May's distinctive playing sound was made by him and his father in about 1963. What name did he give the guitar?
Red Special
4. What's the title of the 1989 album that had a pioneering sleeve design featuring the faces of all four band members merging into each other?
The Miracle
5. For which song did Freddie Mercury win his first Ivor Novello songwriting award in 1975?
Killer Queen
6. Who became the band's manager in September 1975, following the break from their management company Trident?
John Reid
7. In the UK, Queen's recordings were released on EMI, but on which label were they released in America until 1983 when the band signed to Capitol?
8. Who became Queen's temporary bass player in 1970 after Tim Staffell, and before Barry Mitchell?
Mike Grose
9. In 1981, the band played to a crowd of over a hundred and thirty thousand at a stadium in Sao Paulo, at the time it was a world record attendance for a concert. What stadium?
10. A live version of which song originally from the album 'A Night At The Opera', was the first single to be released from the album 'Live Killers', although it only reached no 63 in the chart?
Love Of My Life
11. Who directed the pioneering video for Queen's epic single 'Bohemian Rhapsody', which is widely regarded as the first modern pop video?
Bruce Gowers
12. Which song from the album 'Sheer Heart Attack' is one of the four songs featured on Queen's 1977 EP?
Tenement Funster
13. The 1985 hit single 'One Vision' appeared on the soundtrack of which action film that was released the following year?
Iron Eagle
14. In May 1991, the last Queen video featuring Freddie Mercury was made to promote which single?
These Are The Days Of Our Lives
15. Which radio 1 DJ and television presenter, who was an early champion of the band, compered their free concert in Hyde Park in September 1976?
Bob Harris