Queen Involvement


Directed by Alexandre Aja
Produced by Alexandre Arcady

Released in 1999.
Length 90 minutes.

'Furia' is a French romantic drama, based on the novel 'Graffiti' by Julio Cortázar. The film does not appear to have been released in the UK, either in cinemas, on video or DVD. If you can provide any further information about the film, video, or DVD releases, then please email me.

Queen Involvement

The film has a full musical score written, performed and produced by Brian May. The music is generally very classical, but there are a few rock tracks. It includes only one song, a slow ballad called 'Dream Of Thee', which presumably closes the film. The entire soundtrack was released on CD in November 2000, and is presumably taken directly from the film, without reworking, as there is so much dialogue present. Full details can be found on the 'Furia' album page.


Stanislas Merhar - Théo
Marion Cotillard - Elia
Wadeck Stanczak - Laurence
Pierre Vaneck - Aaron
Carlo Brandt - Freddy
Laura del Sol - Olga
Jean-Claude de Goros - Tonio
Etienne Chicot - Quicailler